Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



Okay. It seems like you’ve added a sweat animation?


Just something small because I was bugged about it.


Okay. I edited my thread, posted a reply which both links to this thread, as well as added a post on Discord leading to this thread. You’re welcome.

Also, I might as well do a poll about this mod. Do you like the new chubster body weight better, or the old classic obese blob body shape more?

  • Chubster Weight
  • Fat Blob Weight

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Honestly I know nothing about this game, but your sprites are so good I may just have to pick it up on steam during the next sale.

hello reddit

Can you add chubster chef clothing for me? Also I found a problem, you can’t buy something in a store that costs zero pixels. You need to increase the price of the invisible armor pieces to 1 pixel.


Uh, is there an inclusion of the race that are Japanese culture-inspired based on their clothing options and other stuff? Cause aside from Avali, which are a mod race, I like those too. If only I could play Starbound, but my computer can’t handle it and I can’t find it anywhere when I want it… So all I can do is look at things, sadly…


Wait, so crewmembers will make comments about your character’s weight? I’m even more into this now!
Also, I just installed this, and I can’t find any way to get the ‘chubby’ sizes.


I’m happy to see this mod still lives! hooray to -insert topic-! can’t weight to see what more starstruck ideas start growing from this mod!


Have you checked all of the tabs on the weight scale? They moved the armor items to the weight scale. You should at least check the second tab. New%20Weight%20Scale


Oh and I forgot to tell you that I’ve made some sprites for armor for the skunk race I mentioned. Here’s a picture of my character.



Glad to see you’re back and still working on the mod! I saw you’ve started adding codexes, and if you plan on adding more in the future or need help giving flavour text to objects I’d be glad to offer help if you’d like!


Are you enjoying his mod so far? What do you like about it?


It looks like you’re making some races for fat characters and chubster characters, as I found in the “humanoid” folder. Are those incomplete fat and chubster races going to be completed later, or is that a template for you to make the fat models easier or something?


Oh, dang… Can’t Believe I didn’t check that yet! I do hope that some of the NPCs start making fat comments.


I think a few races do make fat comments if you’re using the fat Novakid race.


To help you pinpoint what you’re probably looking for. You’ll want crew members that have either a jerk personality or an intrusive personality. Not everyone is gonna be playing a fat character and it’d be weird to see comments that don’t make sense, so what usually happens with crew members is more generic not directed at the player stuff. Jerk and Intrusive personality types are good for them because even if the statement is true or not, they’d make it seem like you’re fat anyways.


I don’t think there’s personality types in Starbound. What are you talking about?


It’s pretty subtle and not easy to pick up on but npcs spawned in can be assigned fourteen types of personalities. The most easy to spot would be flirty npcs who tend to follow other npcs or the player, constantly smiling winking and having hearts appear over their head. They’re mostly subtle quirks that affect how they behave and when recruited as crew members, affect what status messages will appear for them.


Do you plan on adding the default shirts soon for the chubster weight soon? That’s the easiest model for adding shirts which is why I asked.


default shirts as in the protectorate shirts any race can have along with their racial clothing? If so, maybe. Though I’d rather make at least one set of each of the starting races clothing for the chubster and fatty bodies.