Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



Uh, please read the full message I posted. You only read half of it. I can’t run Starbound on my laptop, it’s a literal heap of computer trash and runs like one too, not very good on the graphic capabilities departments. Also, I said I can’t find my computer. I can’t find the one that works that is. My other laptop I only have HALF the cord for and the battery life on it seems to suck worse than the Nintendo 3DS! Leave it unplugged a short time, battery goes empty. That terrible battery life laptop also is so broken from me installing too much 3rd party software in an effort to get money on a different game, that even using Steam for a short time locks it up.

Oh how I’m envious of you all with not garbage computers like mine… also, before you tell me to reformat my computer that has issues running even Steam without locking-up, it lacks a CD Drive, so I can’t put-in a disc containing the Windows 7 OS for to fix that freaking issue. My bulky laptop is even running a better Windows 7 OS than the small one that can’t run even Steam right!

I really wish I could play fatty Starbound with you all… my friend gifted to me a copy of the base game…I just can’t run it without it freezing at a white screen before the title screen can even come up…


Wait, do the NPCs have changed dialog or do they just normally make odd comments?


Ah, glad to have this back. I love the mod, and can’t wait for more. You do really great work :3

I’m personally hoping the Feeding Table gets done soonish, but I know stuff like this takes a lot of work. Reguardless, keep up the great work :3


What is the feeding table supposed to do?


I’m really glad to have a mod like this!!!:cookie:


Why do you like the mod so much?


I like this mod because I can relate to something on a game.


@Sweetsglutton a laptop with no CD/DVD likely has a re-install image in a separate partition on the disk drive. You may need to go into the BIOS setup to boot from this. Search for recovery instructions for your laptop make/model. Failing that you can create a USB memory stick to reinstall:

Any files on the memory stick will get wiped. As will any files on your laptop, so copy them somewhere safe first.


And now I just realized my character suddenly has hair.
Here’s a new picture of my character.


I found a few bugs. The chubster Avian Bed introduced in this mod refers has a line which says this line.

“sitCoverImage” : “/objects/avian/tribalbed2/tribalbed2cover.png”,

This causes it to show the wrong cover image. That line should read this instead.

“sitCoverImage” : “/objects/avian/tribalbed2/tribalchubsterbed2cover.png”,

Also the frontier chubster bed has a picture of a chubster character as its cover for some reason.

I also found a grammar error in the description of the Protectorate Sweatpants, it is missing a period at the end of the description.

“description” : “These are perfect whether you’re working out or just eating pizza in front of the TV. So versatile”,

The human description of the Big Fatties Vending Machine has an extraneous space at the end.

“humanDescription” : "The machine is selling soft drinks and snacks. I wonder what whale milk tastes like? ",

The windowtitle property of the same object has an extra space at the start of its two subproperties, title, and subtitle.

    "title" : " Vending Machine",
    "subtitle" : " Tasty Snacks"


The extra spaces for the vending machine descriptions don’t actually affect anything. Spaces or not near the end and beginning, they come out looking the same.
Aside from that, the broken beds is pretty big. So the link to the mod’s been updated with the fix. Thanks for letting me know.


You’re welcome. Have you fixed the description errors as well?


I fixed the missing period, that’s about it. Like I said the extra spaces with the vending machine don’t matter. They don’t actually affect the descriptions when read in game.


What foods do you plan on adding?


I’ve read whole topic in order to find something about novakids’ bodies and I couldn’t find anything related. So here’s the question: how do I get novakid bodies/legs?


If you know how to spawn the armors of the other races, it’s simple to narrow down what the spawn ids for the novakids. Their armor is not available normally though because of how the novakid’s glow effect does not mesh well with the armor method. Resulting in a glowing head devoid of lighting having a body much duller and affected by lighting. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, than the armors still exist for that reason. Otherwise you’d just need clothing to better act it, or use the fattynovakid species I made to get around this issue. A chubsternovakid species will come about as well. Just wanted to make sure they had some default clothing available when ready.


I just want to thank the author for making this. I have been looking for a way to play a fat character in starbound for a while. I had thought about making my own mod that made a beer belly shirt but i didn’t have the skills to do it.

As far as finding spawn codes, i would suggest checking out each article of clothing listed on it has the spawn codes. You can also try /admin and make all armors craftable by any species.


Well, I’ve found out how to spawn chubster novakid bodies (though not how to dye them), but fat novakid bodies aren’t shown on character for some reason (pretty same problem with hylotl armors - when I’m trying to wear spawned dyed piece of it). Also how do I select fat novakid as character race?


The armor thing is, gonna need some more clarification. It doesn’t show on the character. Do you mean it appears invisible? If that’s the case you may need to redownload the mod. Is it appearing invisible only when you try the hex code while spawning the armor? In which case that’s new and I’m not sure what the problem could be there. Do you mean it’s appearing all black when you spawn it with the hex code? In which case it means you didn’t change the xxxxxx’s that are meant to be filled in personally.

As for selecting the fat novakid race you need a character selection expansion. This applies for all custom races. Any will do and it doesn’t take long to find one.


Yes, fat novakid bodies and legs as armor appear to be invisible on character when I wear it through inventory.