Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



Okay if it’s just that. Then it means you need to redownload the mod as the download didn’t fully go through so some assets are missing.


Thanks, I’ll try that!


Are you planning on making other races’ fat species, like you already did with novakids?


Mind if I cut in? I just wanted to say that the reason the creator made that extra race was because of the same reason you can’t find the armor in the first place.
I apologies for cutting in


I’m asking because this way it’s extremely handy. If author doesn’t have enough time / doesn’t want to, I won’t insist. But it would be great if he made that.


It’s a statement I’ve already made though I’ll repeat it. No.
Novakids are an exception because of their glow. It doesn’t work with the armor method I’m using.


So will you do a chubster race for Novakids?


Yes, just want to give them their clothing and at least the first tier of armor before letting them shine.


Okay. I suggest you do a plain shirt and pants for the chubster weight.


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First off I just wanted to express my gratitude for this mod! Very well made and cute! I have some ideas that may or may not be possible to do. Now I understand you’re a busy person but maybe someone else could be interested enough to try making them.

  1. Burping/belly groans after eating excessively.
  2. A specialized hovercraft vehicle for the extra blubbery ones that still allows you to eat/drink while using it.
  3. Possible custom npc interaction dialogs. I’d love to be able to see various reactions to your characters considerable weight.
  4. “Feeder” npcs that will gift/drop foods for your character.
  5. An “absolutely stuffed” status after eating a massive amount of food that temporarily makes your character immobile, sweaty, burping, and gasping for air. Maybe make it an optional thing.(?)
  6. A custom quest that entails something to do with weight gain or something.

Granted I know it’s totally up to you if interested enough to take on any of these, I don’t expect any of these to be done. I just think it’s fun to brainstorm ideas for this mod :blush:. Also apologies if any of these ideas were already said, I can’t remember the previous thread. Again thank you thank you for this mod! :heart::meat_on_bone::hamburger::fries::pizza::burrito::doughnut::cake::chocolate_bar:


Update time:

Originally I was just gonna have some armors to go. A chubster version of the glitch noble set and the avian commoner set to go with their fatty versions. As well as chubster clothing for some jeans, hoodie and t-shirt. And a chubster and fatty version for a jumpsuit and hazmat suit. As well as a special surprise.

However, thanks to someone named Joliair, a problem with this mod has finally been addressed. For the bare bodies at least. Instead of a long list of various copies of armors for the bodies to make by checking if it fits you. Or worse, having to either edit some like for the glitch and hylotl. Or use admin command to spawn the items with a specific hex code to fit your character.
Now all you have to do is make the mystery bag for either chubster or fatty. It’ll give you the template armor for the race you currently are as well as match your characters colors, even if the colors are added by a mod. Note this only works for the vanilla races, modded races won’t get anything from the mystery bags. Except for one.
Note with this now in play. I’ve removed the various amounts of bodies covering the avian, apex, human and florans because of this. So make sure you remove these specific armors from your character before updating. And this does not apply to the chubster and fat bodies with exposed clothing.

Another thing. The wellfed status has been put back to its original state. Foods added by the mod will now no longer contribute to giving you the wellfed status, nor will the status stop you from eating the fatty foods. Special thanks to Ruthenium for this change.


I dont get this statement. Please explain for me.


Not sure what’s hard to get. You can eat the foods added by the mod regardless now. I’ve reverted the wellfed status back to normal, so vanilla food items and modded food items will give you the wellfed status upon reaching your max hunger. Or if you’re just in casual mode and don’t have a hunger bar period.
The fatty foods now will just ignore it, and still add to the hunger bar as well.


Now that you’ve done this update, what other plans do you have for this mod?


That’s too soon to say. And nothing’s changed about my priority for more clothing.


The goody bags seem to be a very easy to use way to allow users to equip the correct color armor for their body weight. I like it.


I apologize in advance but I am new to installing mods that aren’t on the steam workshop so I need some help. I installed the mod from the dropbox and I put the mod in the mods folder of the game.
When I open the game, the game notices the mod but I don’t know how to go about using it. I have looked through the crafting thing and what not but nothing involving the mod is showing up.
The problem I am facing is

  1. I don’t know how to use this mod
  2. I can’t tell if the mod is properly installed or not

Please Help, thank you.


Make sure when dropping a mod into the mods folder that it is both unzipped, and that the first thing you see when opening the mod is the bulk of its contents rather than a duplicate folder with the same name.
Mods that are working are displayed as one of the active mods when checked from the menu.
The crafting for the big fatties store and weight scale show up in the standalone crafting menu. It is not attached to any object that offers its own crafting menu.


Okay. I will try this and come back if this doesn’t work or if I need more help. Thank you.