Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



You need to download mod again. Delete old fattyhitboxes, and place new one in mods folder.
It’s doesn’t affect your save files, you can continue play after update.


I love this mod, but is there any way to craft the food items put in by the mod?


Just to ask, how can it be linked to species mods? I usually play with a mod for new race and the story of weight gaining actually sound good to me.
Ofc, it would be difficult to go with someone else’s mod (unsure he’d like that) but if we plan to make our own specie, how it goes for mod compatibility?

Also, is it planned to go bigger or not?


I like this mod, its pretty good and i hope it continues to get worked on


You can modify the mod yourself and add new armors for your new race.


Where’s the Discord server for this mod?


New update available. A small amount of armors have been added, various chubster sets as well as a chubster and fatty variant of the predatory set. Some new food items, along with an adjustment on their price to match the vanilla food items. Most of them also have a recipe to learn once the individual food has been bought.
Though the main reason for the update is implementing CorbinADtor’s addition to at last allow the badges to also change the hitbox to better fit the body types.


Good stuff as always.


What do you like about the update?


I’m looking forward to the next update! Perhaps there will be more armor and clothing sets to choose from?


That’s what I thought. In that case i’ll see forward for making the race THEN look for modify the big fatties mod to fit to mine once it’s done.

Thanks for answering to one of my question!


What kind of race are you creating?


Actually I’m looking at making some kind of bearded dragon stuff, but honestly I’ll have more than only one race to make. Just gotta go one by one, especially when it’s the first mod I’m making for this game