Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

Hmm… I’m crashing when I try to use it. Think you can help?
I tested it with and without the mod and the game works when the mod’s not in the mod folder…

Has anyone finished a set for spirit tree? I tried using a different one but it’s so out of date and doesn’t properly function. I’m hoping someone in here has created one that actually works, and if anyone has a way for me to get a functional one that isn’t from the multi race support that’s on hold, could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Also, the Lombax support doesn’t work with the current version of the Lombax mod, Lombax Revival. If someone could make that work I’d appreciate it.

To explain this, there was a minor complaint on how peglaci was done in regards to their hide color being their belly but I decided it wasn’t worth a post so I removed it.

There’s a new fox mod that I’d love to see support with the mod fatties mod for. Steam Workshop::Aeryn Foster's Fox Mod!

the modfattiesraces download isnt working, but i do have the granular version. do i need both?

wasn’t there a patch for the protogen already made? I can’t seem to find it

Sorry to ask this
But can this work with the Hibanis ?
The bunny specie in the SSVM?
(Starbound Simple Vore Mod)?

Where do I get the lard launcher by any chance?

Why don’t the Huge and Titanic sprites work for kitsune and ningen races? I suspect this is an issue for more races

How do i actually find the armours and stuff in the game anyways?

Hello there all! I just saw this Sylveon race lately uploaded to workshop, also that mod is not mine. It is still on beta, so I do not know what is going to change. I posted this here to hope, if someone could make sprites and stuff to get it working with Bigfatties mod. I would love to see Sylveon getting fat on Starbound. I have no experience how to draw pixels and how to work with scripts, so I can’t do it. Only if I learn to do it tho I would make one. But posting this here and hoping my request comes true! Have a great day all! Sylveon race mod (Steam workshop)

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