Strategy roleplay game

Hello there,im Fucus,after i remembered some kind of strategy roleplay game i playd some years ago i thought might be a good idea to make a fethish related one,lets me explain how this kind of rp are.
So… you have an white map,chose an portion of land an create your own nation,you and other players have some stats of that nation like economy,man power,resources etc. ,based on your choice and roleplay your nation can grow big and strong and perhabs form aliances with other nation or you will colapse in civilwars,famine,diseas etc. and you will be an easy taget for others.
In this kind of game would be an gm who will count your roleplay and stats.

I plan something like that but will exist special things to count and feel as an fetish game.
In my game will exist ‘gods’ depending on what gods do you pray for then with that fetish your nation will grow,some exemples who i wrote,“the god of the good harvest” who will spore your food production and perhabs your people would become more resistent (and chubby) “the god of fetility” population growth (and preggo people) etc
You can chose a race and play as that race for exemple:lamias,kitsunes,nekos etc… and you will have roleplay advantages like "an army of ‘Great kitsunes’ try to seduce the ‘Human tribes’
You will have an representant of your nation like an chief or leader of president (depend how much will evolve your nation) or more like generals,right hand etc.

So… how the idea sounds and if you want to leave more ideas you can post here and if you want to put more questions about the rp or the system you can find me on Fucus#9126 dont be shy,go ahead and ask

Also… the idea is somehow in development as i already did an discord server (momentanly private) and i start to write the mechanics (how the game will work) and other suffs like server rules