Su-cute-bus? name pending (Visual novel or at worst, a story idea)

Translated from french to help people knowing what the heck i planned.

So a mainly weight gain/stuffing idea

The player, who work a a library (the kind that sells books), is fascinated by occultism (and the idea of other worlds) so he borrows a worn grimoire with an actual ritual allowing to open a portal to another dimension. From the portal, a succubus come out, She was actualy trying to leave her world and be free to explore.

The goal of the player would be to keep the relation in good term (in theory) and to learn more about the occult (secret endings). The succubus has numerous statuses , like the mood, the relation with the player or potentially important characters, her weight and knowledge of the world. On his side the player basicaly have his money and knowledge of the occult. These stat would mainly affect the result of events in the later part of the experience.

The game allow the player to decide where he spend his time, (spending time with the succubus, working/researching the occult, spending time with friend and family). Events including the succubus will increase her mood and those without her decrease it. Events with her will influence her stats. The working actions will influence money and the occult knowledge positively for the main part. Finaly the option for interactions with family and friends will work in ranks?(can’t find proper word) where event chains of each others and will greatly affect major events.

The game could last 15 « events of time with one major event at the 5th, 10th and 15th. the fifth must be limited in what could be there and the 15th greatly diverging from a story route or another.


Subject to change and addition has the events are written

the player
First the player, working in a library with access to many presumed occult books. He find his boss (the librarian) quite dull. His hobbies are cooking and the occult.

the librarian
A 40-50 years old man obsessed by the occult (more than the player) He likes to snoop around and make sure to know what books enters and leaves his shop. He could become a friend of the player with repeated interaction at the job (unlocking option for the friends interactions). But, it would be unlikely this would be the case. Outside his working hours, he his an avid bookworm, making sure to learn what books are getting populars.

the succubus
An outwordly visitor who fled her world by going trough the player’s portal. She seeks to discover the human world and to enjoy it. (hedonistic) She will speak little of her own world since she dislike it very much. Many bad things happened there.

the best friend
A very energetic and loud mouth?(not sure of the expression) , searching for love at first sight. Will be very exited and curious about the succubus. He his athletic with a strong love for outside activities. Could work has a yoga instructor or some kind of fitness trainer. (could also be a former fat teen/kid and whatnot)

the family
to determine (most likely stereotyped couple) could be religious (tension over demons), charming (or carefree feeders), grumpy (naturaly harder interactions), senile or even rancourous.

Actual writting has not started. marely sprawling ideas. Thanks you for reading.


I quite like this concept. this could be a nice little dating-sim/management-sim game!

building a relationship with your succubus, finding what makes them tick and what turns them off, keeping your discoveries low key or going full-blown cultist, learning about the demon’s past and where they come from, or not, so on and so forth.

Sounds cute!
Sounds sensible to limit the story to fifteen events too, makes things more manageable :slight_smile:

Su-cute-bus? Will she get as large as a bus :thinking:

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I have no idea what size she would end up. All will depend about how much weight she can theoricaly gain. Even so this would have effects on the story if she were to become immobile. so at minimum a weight around 500 kg would be possible, with fatter version requiring good planing in the future.

Since i’m working mainly on feast of the greedy this project could potentially never be made, so leaving it here could inspire someone else than me :wink: