SW5E group looking for players. Group meets on Sunday afternoons.

I decided I also want to run a game of SW5E with weight gain elements and want players from this forum if any are interested. Message me if you want to join my group. I am planning on hosting it on roll20. It will be story focused and I won’t do sex scenes but their will be elements of weight gain in the story. I am setting it during the Jedi-Sith war. Any other questions, feel free to comment below.

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I’d be interested if you’re still looking for people

Update: The group has 1-2 openings.

i’m interested in joining but i’m not experienced in table top RPGs.

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One of our group members had to leave our session, so we now have an opening for anyone who wants to join. We meet at 4:00 cst on Sundays. Message me if interested.