System for 2D inflation in Unity

hi, I’ve been working on how to make a character feedable in unity for a while and wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about it.

the idea would be to either work with scaleable part bodies, which would make everything a bit static. The second idea would be an animation that can be played back and forth, although ideal animations could then be difficult. last idea is to work with actual coliders and objects. That would probably be the best, but I don’t know exactly how to implement it.

ideas and suggestions on the subject are very welcome.

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Could you give some more info about what exactly you’re looking to achieve?
What do you have, what action should the player perform? What would the result of said action look like?

The way I’ve done things in the past is using a soft body for the belly (JellySprite), and then making 2 versions of every animation at the smallest and largest size to sort of manually position all the separate body parts as they grow, and using a blend tree to tie them together

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Every time you give something to eat, the stomach should grow and digest again over time. I’m not sure yet if I’m adding weight gain or if it’s going to be too much.


K, after a few days of trying out soft bodies and a bunch of mistakes, I’m slowly getting to something useful.
in addition to my ignorance of how to build soft bodies, i try a few totorials with spring joints. (which wasn’t as easy as it looked at first) the problem was that the sides looked too square and weren’t meant to hold objects. today i found a elaborate solution: more joints! instead of the usual 9, I’m now up to 35, which by the way all want to be connected. but the simple example can be seen. If I keep increasing the number and figure out how to connect the wobbly mass to a character, maybe I’ll have a usable system really soon…

Small update on my situation. I didn’t manage to connect two bodies in such a way that I just attached the soft body. so i quickly drew a side character and built the stomach area like with soft bodies, but only on one side. the other is a normal collider. big problem was that the spring joints are freely rotating. for a long time this led to the edges of the stomach turning like crazy at certain points. the solution to this was motor joints, which in principle do the same thing but prevent rotation. now i have to find out how i can get the load distribution right… the way it is now it reminds me of old flash games. I’ve seen something similar