Temp Topic Asking About Shapes

I may take a long break away from my scenarios and work on a different and much better side project but I have to ask about shapes because I don’t know what differences they hold

First off what is a strawberry shaped body figure what does that look like as a fat person

Also what are all of the body figure shapes that exist in the fat community (both body figures that exist in the real world and made up body figures, if any were made up)

Strawberry is just code for fat distribution that favors the upper body. So, if a woman’s fat mostly goes to her tits, that’s strawberry. Fruits and objects are a common way to describe body types because it’s intuitive to think of shapes we’re familiar with. “Strawberry” is an uncommon descriptor; the 3 that most people use are pear (bottom-heavy), apple (top-heavy), and hourglass (mostly to tits and ass).

There’s not really a comprehensive list of body types, more like a set of sliding scales between different “assets” that people like in different proportions. We usually talk about tits vs. ass vs. belly as the “3 Bs,” as most fat waifu designs are easily differentiated on how much they invest in each.


Well one more question I saw a banana body shape in one game (can’t remember which one) what fat distribution would that be considered as

You should consult Tainted Elysium. There’s a copy of it linked the Tainted Elysium thread on this website.

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I think that link actually just leads to malware now. Is there a safe link?

Banana = Even distribution of fat all over.

I would also note that while “apple” can mean “top-heavy” in common parlance (as a contrast to “pear”), in fat fetish games, it more often means “middle/belly-heavy”, especially when it exists alongside more explicitly breast-focused body types like “hourglass” or “strawberry”.

My bad. I found the latest version on Wayback Machine through Atticus Arc’s website. Should still work.