Thanksgiving Thoughts

It’s that time of year again, where we watch the annual parade, watch the big game, and stuff ourselves silly. Emphasis on the latter, since this site focuses on stuff like that. What are your thoughts on this holiday, and whether you’re a gainer or a weight gain game developer, what do you find most appealing about the holiday feast?

(I’m posting this one day early. Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow.)


A time to put grudges and issues aside and simply relax, and let this hound tell you when we say we all need to unwind from this pandemic


idk, i’ don’t celebrate… but the eating a big feast is a good holiday theme and kink fuel, and don’t even mention fattening up the turkey…


Being together with my family’s nice.

They all tend to work holidays (hospitality, entertainment, and health care industries), so we had our Thanksgiving yesterday with a big ol’ ham chilling in the freezer since Xmas of 2019.

We are failures as Americans, and we are all fine with that.


I mean I don’t really celebrate it because usually my family watches football and I don’t really care for the sport. And not only that everyone during Thanksgiving for most of my family watch how much they eat heck my Dad checks my weight every month but I’m living in his house so I can’t complain but as soon as I finish College I’m going to try to get a good job for myself and leave but not as soon as I get the good job I feel like my Dad would get very lonely without someone else with him. Even if my dad doesn’t want members in his family to be homosexual or bisexual it doesn’t change the fact that he’s taken care of me even when everyone else left me so even if he can’t accept those things my love for my dad is stronger than those things


Ahoy across the sea. The only way this affects my daily life, is that I get to buy games for a cheaper price the day after.

But of course it would be a lie if I said that we don’t have a tradition like that (the eating) in every other holiday we have

Aye family should ever and always be a priority, man is a pack animal despite how he fancies himself and thus must take care if not out of the goodness of our heart then out of the knowledge that one good deed will inspire another or in a more selfish way be the reason someone is thankful
Look at this hound ramble when I should be finishing this and sleeping
Have a happy thanksgiving you lot! STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY!!!