The Abugida Effect - Episode 3 - A Cry For Help

Hey thanks man, I’ve been pretty bummed recently so it’s nice to hear people like the characters.

What’s going on with Veska is a pretty core mystery of the story! Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? Some people also seem more aware of what’s going on then others…

The “Abugida effect” may already be impacting another more subtly…although this will be more obvious in the next episode!

I hope waiting for updates isn’t too painful. I haven’t worked on the game at all this week. I usually write out scenes when I’m free at work, but I haven’t been free at all lately. What little free time I’ve had has gone into doing stuff on DeviantArt which I’ve found more relaxing.

I don’t have any new interesting game stuff to share, so I guess I can link the new drawing I added to my DA account today instead:


Status Report

I figure I should talk about progress so far since it’s near the end of May.

Put shortly, it’s not done yet.

I’ve made some progress on Ep4 during April and May, but it’s been slow like when I was trying to make Ep1 last year. I think I’ve been slow because of a combination of real life annoyances and the attention I’ve been putting towards DeviantArt. I’m not really sure what I expected, but I feel like the reception I’ve had on DA has been kind of crazy. It honestly makes it hard for me to work on my game since I could spend like 9-10 hours on an art request which over ten thousand people(!) will see, as opposed to spending I don’t even know how many hours working on the next game episode which only a few hundred people actually play.


Most of the scenes have been made, although about half of them have placeholder text. I did a playtest and it took me 35 minutes to finish Ep4, it will likely be about 50 or so minutes when everything is done. It’s definitely going to be the longest episode so far, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but whatever. This isn’t counting the “bad ending” scenario, which I may just cut for time since it’s optional. I was thinking I could add the bad ending in afterwards as a minor update.

I’ve done minor sprite work and drafts for some of the CGs. I want to try to wait until near the end to do all the final artwork because I did some CGs in February (mainly for the bad ending) and I think they’re fine, however I also think I’ve improved certain aspects of my art in the last few months, such as drawing eyelids, outlining pupils, and using gradients/transparency layers to create better looking effects.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the episode, although I want to provide at least something. I can share some screenshots and draft CGs that will probably be in the game.

More Ep4 Previews


I don’t know when Ep4 will be done. I’m optimistic I can have a release before the summer is over, and then have an Ep5 release before the year is over. I’m looking forward to doing Ep5 as well, when that happens.


You’ve gotten pretty good at the art. do you ever think of changing the tiny sprite models or are they fine as is

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Short answer:
I think the sprites are okay for the time being, however it’s true that they’re low-res and lack detail. It’s not something I’ve been prioritizing due to lack of time/resources.

Long answer:
Doing sprites for characters is already pretty taxing for me since for a lot of them I need to do all three frames for moving up, down, left, and right. For all of the “human-shaped” characters I’ve been using existing Phantasy Star templates and editing them. I could probably make sprites from scratch for everyone and not just a few things, but it’s difficult for me alone and pulls attention away from other things I would rather be doing such as writing scenes. I’ve only been doing custom sprites for things I really want to be in there, which usually amounts to just a couple things in an episode.

I would like to have custom sprites and tiles for everything so that it would look like an original 16-bit game, or as a more modern example have the game look equivalent to something like Space Station 13 or Stardew Valley. I think that’s a realistic aesthetic I could have for this game, however creating custom tilesets and sprites is not a focus I’ve had nor is it something I believe I have any talent at. I’ve only been doing it for ALL of the characters because I dislike the default RPGMaker chibi sprites and wanted a style where the heads aren’t so comically big…I want something that’s cartoony, but can also be taken seriously.

I have a friend with experience making tilesets for retro-style indie games, but they’re not part of this “fetish” and I don’t want to talk with them about it. What this boils down to is that for the time being the character sprites are going to be kind of low-res compared to everything else, and stuff like food and objects are not going to exactly match what they’re being described as. I don’t have the resources to prioritize better sprites, but I think they look decent so far.


Yes you’re right but I think you need just change first episodes change some specific arts like Vesca’s stuffing scene.

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Just played all three episodes and I’m surprised I didn’t notice this game on the forums until now. Its actually one of the best rpg maker games I’ve played. The story focused gameplay over repetitive combat grinding I feel is a really good decision, and the story and characters themselves are all really interesting. I actually liked what we saw of Phil and Agne in the first act, in particular I am hoping to see Agne gain some weight in the coming chapters, that image of her you teased looks amazing. Overall the game looks really promising and its clear you’ve put a lot of effort into it, good job!


Side note the retro vibe and music choices are also a big part of why I like the game.


I don’t feel like redoing older CGs right now. I think it’s a good plan in the future, and there’s certain CGs in the first episode that I never remade or made in the first place. For example, in the original build of the game I was going to have a CG for the climax that had Veska in the middle focus as she’s being shot while everyone else is giving reaction faces around the middle in dramatic panel fashion. I didn’t end up doing it because it would have been difficult and complicated, but it’s something I could add retroactively when I feel like trying.

Wow, thanks for the praise! I don’t have a high opinion of anything I do so saying it’s one of the best RPGM games you’ve played is kind of crazy to me considering the amount of good fetish and non-fetish ones I’ve played.

I’m glad you like the Ange teaser, she’s going to have multiple scenes in Ep4 and should have a larger focus in Ep5 as well. I already have a vague idea of how Ep5 will be even if I have no proper outline for it yet.

I like the music as well, I didn’t make any of it obviously. For the console game music I’ve played most of the games myself, but for the PC stuff I’m a big poser and I haven’t, however in my defense I don’t think any of them are in English so it would be pretty hard to play. I try to do the things I take the music from and I like trying to have it fit the atmosphere of the scene. Ep4 is going to have a lot of mystery game music and it’ll all be from games I have played. It’s going to be mix of retro games and more modern VNs this time.


I would attribute my enchantment with this game to the fact that so far its pretty much checked every box I look for in a weight gain game, which is pretty rare. Most of the games on this site don’t take place in a sci-fi universe, and the ones that do usually have artificially caused and rapid weight gain, rather than more naturally caused slower gains. A lot of them also make weight gain desired by their characters, while most of your characters seem to see it as a consequence. Not to knock any of these things, everyone has their preferences, but it is just really good to see a different take on weight gain. Alongside Archer quest by Buckets, your game definitely has the most potential in my eyes. Also I just wanna drop a musical suggestion: Changes by David Bowie. It seems to fit your other montage songs, and would probably go great with a weight gain scene for an upbeat character.


Hoping Miranda gets huge

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The sci-fi setting isn’t me trying to break a cliche or anything, it’s just the kind of writing I happen to be most interested in doing myself. There’s plenty of good ideas that a fantasy setting could have, although I do believe the default assets in RPG Maker sway people into medieval fantasy type settings.

Well I’m glad we share similar tastes. I prefer gradual weight gain in a story. I prefer fetish games with an interesting plot and characters. I don’t really like when a fetish game is just horny girls being lesbians or some whatever dude that has women fawn over him and have all the sex together. I’m sure there’s people that want that, and I’ve definitely still enjoyed games of that vein, but I don’t want to make something like that personally.

I could probably add a Bowie song at some point…there may already be a goofy montage song picked out for Ep4 already…

And yeah, I also think Bucket’s Archerquest is awesome!



Ya her burps are hot too, keep cooking bro

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@Chugachugs yo, I know I’m a bad shitposter but do you plan on making a discord for this game? Seriously cannot wait for the next update.

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I appreciate the enthusiasm, it’s motivating to hear.

Sure, maybe having a Discord is a good idea. I don’t really use Discord unless I have to, but it would allow me to post smaller things since I don’t really like bumping this thread unless I’m doing an actual release. In other words, stuff like art previews and screenshots I could tease on a Discord page instead, that way only people who really want to see rough drafts and spoiler stuff can.

I will try to set one up today. I don’t really know what to do, but it’s probably not that difficult. My activity will probably be sporadic on it.

I made a simple one here:

I can add it to the OP as well.


I wish I could sniff the shaft of Miranda’s boots and take in the sweaty smell after one of her binges :pensive: :drooling_face:

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For a couple of hours, thought I sacred you away by being degen lol

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