The Colossus Curse (hyper-WG Twine story)

In which a woman gets magically fattened to building-sized hyper-immobility, and you play as the doctor who was hired to shrink her back to normal size.

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I’ve been writing fiction for a few years but only recently decided to get into fetish stuff. This started as a very weird writing prompt based on a dream that I had… Then it turned self-indulgent and longer than I expected, and I guess I like it enough to share.

Note that at the moment, this is just a kinetic novel without any real interactivity. This is the first time I’ve really used Twine for anything, and I don’t have that much experience writing interactive fiction. If you have any suggestions for possible dialogue options, branching story, gameplay, page/text formatting, whatever, I’ve love to hear them.

Other details:

  • 2nd-person gender neutral POV
  • About 7,000 words, so a 20-ish minute read
  • This isn’t particularly smutty, other than the obvious of there being a giant naked person, but there’s some romance at the end
  • It’s mostly edited but I might change some plot things

Thank you very much for sharing this! This is honestly super hot.

Thoughts on options for branching the story -

  1. The obvious one would be, “give into the horny and intensify the curse” - maybe you find the magical fruit she ate and use it to come up with an “antidote” that’s not actually an antidote.
  2. Another one would be - leave the curse partially intact when she’s small enough that it’s plausible to say the curse was “removed”, but you lie and say she’ll have to lose the last bit on her own.
  3. As a sub-possibility of #2, you could have a “branching” mini-adventure game come off of that, or as an exploration of that possibility - the curse lets her eat endlessly without ever getting truly full or experiencing negative health effects, so you decide how much you feed her after #2 and that can give you different endings, all the way from from causing a full flare-up of the curse and her ballooning back to her old size, down to her being a more manageable 300 pounds or so.
  4. There is also the possibility that the healing backfires and you take part of the curse into yourself as part of healing the girl. Naturally, the farmer takes care of you out of pity., and poor Anna dotes on you night and day…
  5. It might be interesting / fun to start from Anna’s perspective and swap to the healer’s perspective… would give more options for endings and for how “bad” the curse gets. You can decide, would eating it raw be worse than preparing it as a pie? Or vice versa? Maybe there are more fruits on the tree than one…

Perhaps an ending where both of you get fat. Like while climbing a certain part she is lactating and some of it gets caught in your mouth and well. It starts to escalate from there as her milk spreads the curse to you and is super creamy and addictive.


I really like the moment when you “sink” into the curse (or whatever was that). It feels like you’re in another world or magical place. What if make of it some kind of management minigame or make choices that result in different effects: increased appetite, some kind of suggestion, a change in your or Anna’s weight.

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This game sounds really good

This is by no means a jab at you directly, but I’m kinda tired of seeing the term “visual novel” only to find out that there are no actual “visuals” at all. When I see visual novel I kinda expect the story to include still or moving images of the characters. Having no images just makes me wonder why it’d be referred to as a visual novel & not just as a novel?


Another idea for a story is telling it from Anna’s perspective, watching and feeling herself grow fatter and fatter.

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I’ll be honest, not really a visual novel but it was quite a nice read. Really enjoyed it!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

@kaede45 Yeah that’s fair, changed the title to just “story” for now. I’m working on some branching plot and different endings now that will push it more into “choose your own adventure” territory.

@papan_2021 I was thinking this premise would be cool for some kind of management game, like some of the other incremental-style games on this site. I don’t know very much about programming though, and it sounds like a lot of work lol