The currently unamed stuffing rpg



I forgot to mention that the new update is ready.


New update? What do you mean by this?


Its not a finished game he releases updates now and then with new content as he develops his game further.


Hey man. Played the file you linked on the discord channel.

I noticed that Fress’ bad end against the cupcake boss isn’t showing up in the viewing room. Is this intentional?


Yes. The bad end doesn’t work. I would say it has to be remade, but that would imply that I ever had it working in the first place.


Hey I was wondering are there models for the characters when they get into battles. I think I had an old version of the game that didn’t have any models for battles other than the enemys


There are no battle sprites. Those arn’t going tot be added for quite a while.


Hello! Just signed up to tell you I really love this game, thanks for all the work you’ve put in!

Granted it’s been a while since I checked up on it, so the update is new to me. What’s this about monster girls I see?


Also, the Dragon is super adorable, I love it


So I’m totally inept at stuff it seems. What do I use to open the game? I downloaded it and everything but once I click open absolutely nothing happens. Feel free to laugh at my expense because I’m totally lost here.


you need to extract the game from the archive using 7zip or some other program, then you can just run game.exe


If you are currently using an apple/macintosh computer like I am, you won’t be able to run the .exe directly. There are, however, certain programs that can bridge the gap, as it were. I prefer to use the Wine program, myself; finding and installing it was a bit of a pain, but using it is an almost literal snap, and it has proven fairly reliable over the past year or so.


I’ve heard that the mac version doesn’t work for some reason. Considering I just push the “export for mac os” button in rpg maker that leaves me in a bad place where I don’t know why it’s not working, or what to do about it.


I am uncertain what you mean here. Are you referring to the Mac version of the game, or the Mac version of Wine? If it’s the game you’re talking about, I can’t help you, because I’ve only ever seen/downloaded/played the PC (.exe) version.
If you’re talking about Wine, then I still can’t help you. It has been a while since I downloaded it, so long that I no longer remember any details. I simply googled the program, got taken to a website, and downloaded it (for free, mind you). There have been a few quirks here and there, were the program didn’t do what I expected, but otherwise the program has been majorly reliable.
Sorry I wasn’t more help.


I’m loving the monster girls, personally.


is there a quest after you give the orb to the head of the mage guild?


From what I can gather, there isn’t a story quest after that, but there are side quests afterwards, I don’t know if I’ve found them all but here are the ones I’ve found.

  1. In the mages guild you can do a lot of things:
  2. If you talk to the witch at the front desk (forgot her name), she will ask you to help her stop the chef from giving her food, so you just have to go in the kitchen and it’s done.
  3. If you haven’t done this already, you can talk to the girl with the glasses (looks like luna lovegood) in the mage shop area who asks you to find bwebawob fangs which are around the map for an interesting effect.
  4. If you talk to the character based off of hermione she will be creating something like the Philosophers stone and you can help her out.
  5. After you see jenji once, go to the fifth door and go all the way through, she’ll be changed after you do this.
  6. After the game is finished and you give the orb to the head of the mage guild, go to the balcony outside to see why the other witch wanted a portion of the crystal.
  7. That’s all I can think of in the mages guild.
  8. The thieves guild has an extremely long quest that has to do with the casino: First you’ll have to have finished the two pie competitions, go talk to ceris and she will reveal phage’s secret identity, you can then help her take down the previous owner of the thieves guild and afterwards have a party in which you can feed ceris.
  9. My overall favorite post game quest is the pie competitions, from what I know there are only two so far, first you should go to the first town, get lotta to fit status again, and then participate in the pie contest, i think to win you either press the left and right keys a lot or spam the spacebar, can’t remember, after winning the first one it opens up a lot of extras in the first town.
  10. Go to the first towns bar and talk to the waitress, she’ll ask you for some diet meals, give them too her and then you can fatten her up, after that head to the beach from decadania, you’ll find her fat and in a bikini.
  11. After finishing the first contest, go talk to the people who had participated, they have all changed.
  12. If you find all the cupcakes and give them to the really poor girl who gambled everything away you get to do some extra stuff.
  13. After finishing the first competition, go to the second town of decadania, you then go to the bakery and find the girl who hosted the first competition, help them out and you can eventually start the second competition.
  14. After finishing the competition, go find all the people who had participated in the competition.
  15. Go to the house with the tiara wearing king, and talk to his wife who will ask you to get her food, repeat this a lot and eventually you get her pretty fat, after you beat the second competition both her and her niece will do something cool.
  16. Warriors guild has nothing that I can find.
  17. Go to the church and knock on the door you saw the girl go into and she will come out very very drunk.
  18. There was a food spot that couldn’t be accessed until the game is finished, if you go there and spend money on each of the cutscenes you get a fifth one that is also cool.
  19. Go to the candy making factory and just go to all three of the doors you did to get the keys before, all of them have special extras, the blueberry one you just go inside the juicing factory.

That’s all of the ones I can think of, if I forgot one then I’m sorry.


how do I take a character out of the formation?


Ok, but on the topic of the pie contest… HOW do I find “diet food?” I’ve checked every item shop in the world, I think.


The ‘Diet Food’ is like the cupcakes in that they’re scattered throughout the town. They look like round discs with a grey…mass atop them. Or at least, they did in previous version. One of them was atop a barrel near Lena, one of them is in the Guard house, and one of them you can only get by talking to one of the characters; I think its the dude who hangs around outside the item shop, though I’m not certain.