The currently unamed stuffing rpg



So… I don’t want to be ‘that guy,’ but, what did the latest update add besides the ability to bang ‘Cupcake Girl?’

Flew through the whole game again, and didn’t find anything new… and that makes me sad. :sob:


That’s been in the game forever, dude.

There’s been more updates given out in his Discord server, for bugtesting, though. He hasn’t released those to the forum, yet, because they aren’t quite done.


Most of the updates contain access to new sidequests, new environments, improved maps, etc. For example, in the latest update, there are several new weight gain scenes occurring in the old ‘thieves quarter’, inside previously empty houses.
Many of these only occur after you’ve completed the main quest-line, but they are there.


Sorry about the late replies. I’m mostly in the discord servers for my game and weight gaming. I don’t check back here more than every week or so unless I have something important to say.
All the new stuff in the July update is basically bug fixes and non-interactive scenes that I used to test reactions people would have to various monster girls.


Out of curiosity, are you still struggling with the attunement system? If so, then why not just keep it the way it is now? The only change I would recommend would be just give the player all of the Fat attunements along with the Belly ones, leaving all of the Nude attunements as hidden collectibles. That way, you can spend more time building content instead of wrestling with a hypothetically cool mechanic that’s infeasible for a project this small.

If I may make a smaller suggestion, I have an idea for naming the explosive ghost enemies in the mine: Powder Wight.


uh i finish with the demo but i try to do the one with crazy girl and cake golem she want to eat the cake… it a quest you can do or not and to but sure what i mean i mean this girl…



I noticed the same issue. In a previous version, you could indeed feed a slice of cake to the ‘Crazy Girl’ as you put it; weight gain was minor, but noticeable.
However, when i defeated the golems in the latest version, I did not receive the Slice of Cake drop, which made me incapable of finishing the quest.


hm… that suck, guess it one of those demo we don’t get the slice.


I’m changing what the crazy mountain lady does. The eat one slice of cake thing and then get
the smallest pot belly ever was pretty lame Imo, so she gets a much bigger event later.


ok oh my reason for i think she is crazy… because the object she attach to like the woods and the snowman, and the stumps too


I can’t find a meat in bushes where is it? help


It’s a “rare” drop from Rats. You always fight three at a time, so odds are you’ll get at least one per encounter.


when ever i load the game the first thing that pops up is failed to load js/plugins/DreamX_StateDescriptions.js


Game has been updated. Very short change log, probably forgot some stuff. Link in the OP.


Finally, finished this new update, and while its true that theirs not alot of new extra stuff, what we did get, the improved story and the trials, was excellent and well needed improvements that definitely improved its story which was its weakest area, this is definitely the best game on this site, joint first with Super Fatty RPG. I also want to ask, though its fine if you don’t answer, what do you plan to do with the attunment feature in the future?

Though I have encountered some problems, in the beginning town when Lina came in on the cart it caused my game to lag really hard and has continued to lag whenever I go in that town since, though I don’t know if thats the game or just my computer. In Fress’s room their seems to be a duplicate Lotta, and when I came in that room before when Lotta was thin the duplicate was also thin. The last problem is that their is multiple very notable spelling errors.


god this has got to be the best game ive ever seen



Could you help me to get through this area? , I finished all the tests, but I can not pass.


did you talk to the lady in the middle?


Make sure you went to the top of every room and talked to the priestess after finishing them. In the stone weighing room I went back out the door I entered instead of going to the top which doesn’t finish the room.


Oooh!, can you show me the download link of your version? :slight_smile: