The currently unamed stuffing rpg



Okay, where do i find them? If posible, is there a map of sorts avialable?


There is no map of where they are at the moment. Look for areas that are hidden in the map, such as the room in the cave or water pump station beside the blacksmith


Sorry I haven’t been on much. Life has been busy. You just have to explore for now. Almost every place in the game has new events after you beat the current end of the game anyway.


Actually, each character has three Attunement statues to find in addition to the Belly ones that Adipe gives you. There’s a nude belly one, a fat one, and a nude fat one. That comes to 12 attunements to find in total.

That said, unless I’m mistaken, one of the nude options can’t be found in the newest option. Again, I might be wrong about this.