The currently unamed stuffing rpg



This is exactly what I’m trying to do. I haven’t got it working right yet, but the basics will be that you take damage if you eat too much while glutted, but it raises your maximum hp by 1 every time you do, so it’s a risk vs reward type thing. I’ll be doing some sort of combat update eventual y. If your still interested at that point I’ll send you a message.




Sorry I haven’t been able to post any edits of sprites or anything, work has had me extremely busy (retail am I right? yeesh)


I’m letting everyone know I will be gone for two weeks, and wont be able to work during that time.


loving this game so far. i cant believe i just found out about this game.


I’m back sooner than expected. I’ll be able to start working again tomorrow.

That’s not too surprising. The game is only about half a year old, and is still too rough for people to really talk about it outside this forum.


Am I being stupid or does it finish after the BE scene? ie I can’t do any milking.


You’re not supposed to milk her. When you take control of Lotta, you leave the room and start heading out to the main area of the Wizard Building.


Your player sprite should have changed to Lotta. If it hasn’t something has gone wrong, and I’ll have to fix it.

Lotta isn’t trilled about the idea of watching Phage indulge her horn-dog tendencies. She should have said something about leaving, and coming back after the poor girl has been deflated.


It’s possible you also have an old version since that’s where one of the parts end.


Just wanted to ask- how do I make sprites? I’d be willing to give gender swapping the characters a try.


Well to start you’ll need Photoshop or some other graphics program that supports transparency. Anything but ms paint really. I already uploaded a base template for normal males in the resources thread, so you can use that if you want. The half kaizer template I’m using actually does have a few different weight sprites for men, but I haven’t gotten them all converted to my template format yet, but if someone does make gender swapped party bodies I’ll go ahead and convert them fast as well as create heads and facesets for them.


What needs fact having beaten the goddess ?
Because I am blocked :confused:


English is definitely not your first language, alright, I think he’s asking for hints on how to beat the demon boss, and that he can’t go further

What I normally do is just grind and level up my characters until I can beat said boss


[quote=“Eatme, post:133, topic:721”]What needs fact having beaten the goddess ?
Because I am blocked :confused:
shes the end, no more after her, end of game, stop after her. beating her is end of game. hmmm cant think of more ways to put it right now that theres nothing after her.


Let me try:
Thar will be mo’e corntent later. We jest need t’wait. (redneck)
Dere gots’ta be mo’e content later. Ah be baaad… We plum need t’wait. Man! (Jive)
Dehe will be more content lateh. Webuh dgust neid to wait. (moron)
Zeere-a veell be-a mure-a cuntent leter. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Ve-a joost need tu veeet. Um de hur de hur de hur. (Swedish cook)

As a foreigner myself, I kinda recognize some problems in communication. My russian gamer friends also taught me a word or two, but can’t write those things here, seriously. :slight_smile: Guut enklish not as common is as you tink.


Hello mr. stuffer,can you say what the contents of the next update will be?


The issue with giving an eta is giving it then not delivering on the specified day, just let him do his thing and he’ll let us know when he is close to updating


i asked what the contents of the next update are. not when the next update is going to be released.


Sure I can do that. Not all of these are set in stone, but most of them should be pretty doable.

1: New more detailed bodies for both males and females.

2: Newer better belly sprites for females.

3: Weight gain body types for female players and npcs

4: rework the weight system to be more streamlined.

5: Updating pellet town to have more events, npcs, and overall improvements.

6: A mature content option when starting a new game along with at least 1 mature content scene.

7: Switching to the sideveiw battle mode, and making the appropriate sprites for each weight and body type. (Extreme amount of work! Will take a very long time.)

8: Small improvements to spells and general bug fixes.

Some things I want to include but might not be able to.

1: Feedable enemies

2: Bad ends for some non boss enemies.

3: Fixing the consume spell.

This is also a good opportunity to let everyone know that I wont be done with this update anytime in the near future. My job is killing all my time, and I have had only around 5 or 6 days to work on this since the last update. I have no idea if I’ll have something out next month or not, but the way things are going it looks like this update is going to take quite a while.