The currently unamed stuffing rpg



hmm quite a few things, maybe for this time, maybe make a release for one or 2 things on that list, that way it isn’t so taxing on you, and it still allows updates, even if they are smaller (every one has those times when an update is smaller for busier times)


If you need any help programming-wise feel free to PM me. I’ve been event scripting since RPG Maker 2000, and my career is in software development so I can help you make engine changes if you need those too.


Really enjoying this. However, as the game’s plot isn’t exactly the…driving focus of the game, I find it very easy to forget where I’m meant to be going, and the game offers to ‘reminder’ system. Where am I meant to be taking Fress?!


Fress, alone, is supposed to chat up everyone in the guild, until she finds a cart.

Fress, with the other two, is meant to be taken MOUNTAIN CLIMBING.


Other than having npc’s say things like “did you find a cart yet?” or “go get me this key” I’m not really sure how to ad a quest objective reminder, but I’m sure whatever needs to be done for something like that is likely an extreme amount of work, and probably outside my skill level.


You might be able to add a journal entry to the menu that people can check back to. Tag each stage of the quest with an objective text that will display when they view the journal. “Find a cart to carry Phage.” “defeat the Cake Golem.” etc etc.


You could just have a item that calls a common event to show some text based on what game Variables are set. But yeah, likely an extreme amount of work.


Maybe you could just make a picture or event that is an arrow pointing down onto an objective that disappears once you are finished with it. It would make the game easier, but I don’t think games that follow a simple path should force you to guess what to do. If a part is too boring, you might even do better if it was made into a cutscene.


I have considered both of these options. From what I tested the journal was actually an incredible amount of work, and the quest marker was really more useful for side stories. I’ll work on implementing something at some point in the future, but for now my job is still screwing my free time away ,and I have to allocate the few hours I get off to sprites.


It may be worth it to go back and add something to quests lacking in direction once the project is further along, but I agree it’s not something you should spend time on at this point in development.


Just here to encourage! Haven’t seen much so far, but the sprites are very nice - I very much liked the mega-obese blob sprite you used for the guard girl. Phage seems cute as well, both in look and appearance… Best of luck continuing with this!


So, any updates on your progress? Been a bit, and I was curious about how things were going.


I am still alive, but things are not going well. I’m working 6 or 7 days a week now, and I’m currently in the middle of a 9 day hellfest. I feel horrible about not having anything ready, but I’m only home at night long enough to sleep and only home during the day long enough to get ready for work.


Congrats for being alive (more than I can say about myself, fx., most of the time ;)) and thx. for telling us about your situation!
I’ve witnessed this myself and heard other folks noticing: money and free time seldom come together. Do not feel bad about not having things ready, but solace yourself thinking how splendid they will be in future.
One developer I greatly value, mentioned in his blog about planning some game-details during his long hours, even though he can’t have time to insert them in game. Thus a break in game-development can prove itself a way to improvement after all and the silence of developers can still be a blessing on some later point of time.
Your game is great, so I reckon you are too! My best wishes and please, please maintain the living status!

Winston Churchill-quote: If you are going trough Hell, keep going…


Played a build of this a while ago and loved it!
Definitely feel you on how creativity-shredding it is doing those kind of hours so definitely don’t feel bad about the slow progress!


I had a little time to upload the psd file I’m using for most the female sprites. I know it isn’t much, but at least its something.


its been awhile so im assuming you still have crazy hours but im hoping you get some time to relax


Yep still working some bad hours, and it looks like its going to be that way until the end of summer, but I was able to clear some time this week to work on weight gain sprites. I’m actually having trouble with the neck and chin area if anyone has some advice for me I would love to hear it.


My advice to you is to leave them be, because I dislike the fat-face look :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, without seeing the problem I can only suggest looking at a LOT of reference pictures, and remember in sprite work that a little change in shape can go a long way.


im sorry crazy hours kind of suck but normally is a good thing with extra money hopefully