The Curse of the Lipomancer: Top Tier Fantasy Interactive

Now for some, a lot of reading might turn you away, but for the rest of you, this is an excellent interactive story, and if you even want to bring more to the table, you can!
The Curse of the Lipomancer is a tale of many individual adventurers who seek to find the lipomancer (A master weight magician of sorts) for their own various purposes, be it his vast amounts of wealth, or to stop him and release the curse that is plaguing so many towns on the land. Some even go to join his ranks and fatten those who rebel.
With over 800 chapters, some stories are rich and hold multiple choices as you go, and if there’s something you think you be added, you can add to it!


As someone who’s added a fair number of chapters, it breaks my heart that WuffFox has basically given up on it.

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Not sure about that. Sent him an email.


Oh he hasn’t given up on it at all, he just works on it slowly in between life happenings! He tends to add a chapter or bulk chapters if you will every few weeks or so. He does also work on a lot of art as well though~


I dunno, I’m just going by his journal on FurAffinity:

He might have changed his mind already, but we’ll see.

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Yeah, it’s really kinda upsetting. It had/still has a lot of potential. When I first found it, it was an amazing read through and it was one of the first interactives I felt comfortable adding to. But after reading the post you linked, I kinda understand how he feels. Honestly, it is a little upsetting when the interactive has been up for so long and the things added to it have lessened significantly after a while, I’m sure watching it’s community fade is a major let down. That and the lack of feedback as well as making it harder to read interactives (he talks about that in a response to his post). I do hope he does one day decide to check out this site though, as he said as well. It’s nice here

well the website is locking behind a paywall so I guess that’s it…

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Only when user traffic is high. Just checked right now with ~1200 active users and it wasn’t getting blocked. I’d recommend trying weekdays 4a.m.- 12pm CST.

It’s a little off-topic, and maybe not quite what you guys would like from an interactive story game but this post reminded me of a similar, old interactive that featured weight gain among other things.


Those times are a tad early for some, but it might seem worth it if they really want to read it. Also, where do you find the number of active users?

I’ll check that out when I can, what might some of the “other things” be?

there were 993 users and I still got blocked

For who’s online, the left side just above “sponsored links”. Also this page: Log In To Writing.Com - Writing.Com

The “other things” I’m referring to is just that general fetish mish-mash you get when it’s open for anyone to add to. Lipomancer is more focused from the outset on weight gain. The games I linked to are for “Transformation” which weight gain can fall under but isn’t the primary feature. Lycanthropy, inflation, vore etc.

Do you have an account Speedster? I just checked and it’s still letting me through as an unpaid member. Guests may have a lower threshold.

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Yeah I have an account do you live in western America because I do

Doesn’t work for me :frowning_face:

Sorry. It blocks me occasionally, but I can still get through after about a minute. I’ll note I was getting blocked at around 1000 active users, down from when I was getting through earlier. So maybe the number of users isn’t an accurate way to gauge it.

do you refresh the page or do you wait

Just wait a few minutes and try again.

The whole having to wait so long is honestly kinda irritating. Whenever I first joined the site, even as a guest I didn’t suffer so many issues. I literally made an account just because I wanted to add to some stories.
If you can ever get past to reading, it is an excellent interactive, I just hope you’re actually able to.

I’ll get to checking out that other interactive when I don’t have an overabundance of college work. I just needed to know what other things were in there I needed to be prepared for

I remember transformationlist. I actually recently put a couple more chapters on it. They aren’t… Good, so I probably won’t link to them. That’s sort of the thing about transformationlist: It feels more like a dumping ground than anything.

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Seems I may have been wrong after asking him about it he might have put it on the back burner for now. He does love adding stories to it and new parts but he does try to focus more on his goals which I wholeheartedly support! I had to poke him some about it though as I was curious and wanted to talk about it with him some.


He’s got an account here, now, just so you know:


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