The Factory Job

A inflation weight gain game taking place in wonka’s factory with you being a new employee.
Here is the 1st version so far Working on adding more content so far the botanist route only works however I have descriptions of who you will be with for the other routes.

[ - Google Drive]


Would you be able to post pictures of the game?

The images didn’t get archived apparently They are just roughs anyway for now.

Well then, will there be furrys in the game?

currently there are no plans for furries atm.

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If you curious what i have planned is the player can interact turn or become a fruit in the game and or gain weight either by force from a npc or by indulging oneself. not to mention I’m trying to make a system where the player can be any gender or sexual orientation.


aware only some of botanist is done and that’s about it, but it’s interesting to me that Chocolateer cuts out after the introduction, and both Taste Tester and Human Resources just turn into the botanist path.

That is most likely because I forgot to put a return statement to end the game on those paths so it just reads the code

If you want to be a part of it’s development Here is my server for the game. (Note there is a verification channel all you must do is type in your dob and I will give you the 18 plus role which lets you see the rest of the server.) The Big Blue

I haven’t been working on it due to focusing on life however If I ever stop I will try to release the source files on here


I might also try to make a team although I was going at it alone in my mind