The Feeding Game - A pretty barebones RPG Maker game.

Ok, so i experimented a bit with the RPG maker and made a small prototype game. the idea is, that you are running around in different areas and collect ingredients to make food to feed it to various characters in the game.

actually, there is not much stuff at the moment, but if you like the idea, than i am thinking about buying the Yanfly Engine Plugins to add them to the game, because that would make some things a lot more easier, but it costs 30 bucks, so i want to hear your opinions first.
Windows Link:

Mac Link:


Interesting concept, i would love to see this fleshed out some more in the future.

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sounds like great fun honestly.

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As of right now, there’s just not much too it. This is a really basic demo in its most basic form, and really only serves to let you walk slowly and painfully because a cutscene is happening or you got fat apparently, or to mash the feed button on the princess to change dialogue mildly.

I am looking forward to seeing this game grow, but right now its just a tedious test piece that I had frustration with more than fun or boredom.

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Ok, so after a week of the first version, i am making a small announcment. i am currently working on the game and i make more or less good progress, althought i struggle a bit with the scripting stuff, especially when i try to make a character outside of the party use an item. because anything is a bit chaotic at the monent, and i think that the next update should at least contain some content, i will set a goal for myself.

This will include:

At least 4 Playable (and feedable) characters, each one with at least 3-4 skills.
Plains and Woods will contain at least 5 normal areas and 1 or 2 Event areas
The Woods will additional contain a Boss
At least 3 Berry types who can be got from bushes
At least 3 Fruit types who can be got from Trees
More craftable Food items (At least one for every basis ingredient from the Trees and bushes)
A more fleshed out Battle System, which also is more dependent on food (Inspired by the Vale-City games)
And at least one bad ending (as well as a room where the bad endings can be accessed so you dont need to die every time you want to access that ending)

I am not thaaaaaat quick, but i think i should be able to do that in a few weeks.


“Hello, I wanna play a game”

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