The Freshman 50 - TextAdventure (STATUS UNKNOWN FOR NOW)

For about 2 years now I’ve been lurking on this site, and I decided it was high time I made… anything. Since I write weight gain stories (and lack skill in art and programming) I naturally decided to try my hand at a text adventure/twine game!

It’s pretty dang short and still a WIP. WARNING: Only one of the two paths at the start of the game is fleshed out. I plan on adding a bunch more content that you can see the beginnings of, but the whole “game” in general is kind of a proof of concept of a larger idea.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think of it so far, what you’d like to see, and if anything in it sucks dong.


Very nicely done buddy, I can tell this is going to be fun.

That being said, are you going to focus on one route at a time, or are you hoping to flesh out other branches?

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This is a fun little play through, I quite enjoyed it! You are a very good writer, which definitely helps in the Text Adventure game department.

My only critique is that the pacing felt super quick, which while somewhat expected in a Text Adventure felt a little weird when I’ve made exactly one choice all game and suddenly I’m being described as having rolls all over and having gained a ton of weight. It is probably worth spacing the timing out to feel a little more realistic in areas.

Either way, I’ll definitely enjoy coming back to this game when there is another update.

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big fan of your stories on DA so this was a wonderful surprise. Hope to see more in the future!

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So far everything looks to be working, good start for the project.


I’ve been going down mostly one path at a time in terms of fleshing out content lol

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Thank you! Yes, I wanted this as a simple little playthrough lol. However, I don’t think I ever went to tons of rolls and weight gained, most of it was semi-realistic stuffing, versus actual weight gain.

Thank you! I appreciate that

I’m working on another bigger idea right now BUT I’m not exactly sure where I want to take that, and I wanted to put out something smaller just to get my foot in the door lol.

Hey gang uhhh so… I have had some computer troubles and upgrades recently. The files to the original version of this might be lost. I’m looking to getting back into text adventure games, especially through twin or quest, but I might scrap this one and start over with the concept, if I am unable to find the original files.

So, expect something eventually, but it may take some new time and direction, my apologies.