The Grandmaster of Gluttony [Demo out NOW!]

As foreshadowed by a previous post of mine, I’ve been working on a game for quite some time now. I believe the time has come for me to post the demo for the game, officially known as “The Grandmaster of Gluttony!”

What is the Grandmaster of Gluttony?
The Grandmaster of Gluttony is a weight gain text-adventure game made in twine, and it follows the adventures of you, the player (referred to completely gender neutrally, though most sprites are female). You’ve been given the task of hunting down and capturing the titular Grandmaster of Gluttony. The game features multiple different routes through the Grandmaster’s domain, but the path will be dangerous. Her domain is filled with many different obstacles that can fatten the player up, eventually leading to multiple different endings depending on where you’re at in the game!

The current demo contains about 21,000 words, with 5 different endings being obtainable. The different endings aren’t the only attraction, though. There are plenty of different systems and descriptions throughout the game that allow the player to gain weight without getting an ending. And, of course, there are pictures! These pictures are quite pleasant to look at if I do say so myself, but that’s not me stroking my ego or anything. I didn’t actually draw any of the art in the game, because all of the images are, in fact, AI generated! And before you start thinking that the art probably sucks because it’s made by an AI, just take a look at some of the screenshots from Grandmaster that I’ve included below:

And here are some screenshots taken from in-game:

(All images made using NovelAI)

There’s plenty of stuff to do in the demo, so if the game looks at all interesting I’d recommend giving it a try! If you encounter any bugs, or just feel like leaving some constructive criticism then feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll try to fix any issues people have as soon as possible.

And… that’s about it. You can download Grandmaster from my itch page, totally free! Donations are appreciated, but not required. If you do enjoy the game, though, it would mean alot to me if you contributed any amount of money. I’m working on this project completely solo, and as a full time student, so even the smallest donation can go a long way in helping me to make the game. If you can’t spare anything, though, I don’t mind.

Anyways, enjoy!

(P.S. I included the second chamber for the Temple because I thought the memory puzzle room wasn’t really enough content for the entire route)


I’ve tried importing the game into twine but when I try to play it I keep getting an error message saying “There is no story with ID bd53a616-a92f-4bed-a78b-6534d1f98805”, will try redownloading.

You shouldn’t have to import into twine. If you double click the HTML file after downloading, it should just open up the game in your browser.

Hey just tried the game and I have to say that the art is great and for what there is it is nice.

Although when I tried to get all endings the third ending wouldn’t save so it wasn’t marked off and the answer to the math problem at the end of one path I believe is wrong unless I’m bad at math.

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Should be fixed now. Also, you’re right about the math so it should be updated to actually be correct now. Guess I got my order of operations mixed up, lol.

I love it, i’m hooked i got all the endings and i want more i can’t wait for it.


It certainly is a start, liking what is their so far especially the Moon Preistess


Alright, I have played and unlocked all 5 endings and I can safely say the following:

This game goes hard.


Quite a nice story it was fun to play.
Just one thnigs i think that the first weight stage should be the second, the first one as an adventurer should be ( i think ) with abs and stong arm.
Overall it’s was really fun can’t wait to see next update.

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Nice game, waiting impatiently for new updates, Moon mommy is pretty hot btw


I’m not big when it comes to text-based games, but I really enjoyed playing this. I was surprised about how well the AI Art looked. I do hope to see more of this game and any other project you might do in the future.

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This is made with novelai? can you give me the tags you used?

Really digging it so far. Wondering if you plan to let the game open up later to kind of be more sandbox or not? Weight seems to be super easy to accumulate though, but maybe there’s still playable plans around that. Maybe some character customization? Even if it’s fairly basic like just gender and name?

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For most of the art, I just used either the full or curated anime diffusion and typed in most of the stuff you’d expect would work. (huge belly, fat, bbw, etc.) For the larger sizes, though, it gets a bit tricky. A guy on Deviantart taught me this trick (Crosby345 User Profile | DeviantArt, he posts alot of good AI generated fats), but if you want to get larger sizes then you have to start with the furry diffusion (add human in the tags if you don’t actually want furry stuff). The popular tags on the furry diffusion are much more fat friendly, so when you do stuff like “morbidly obese” and “hyper belly” they work much better. After you get a decent starting point using the furry diffusion, the next step is to upload the image into the full or curated diffusion, and it’ll make it look much more appealing. To be honest, though, it’s not really that practical and it takes a hell of a long time to actually make a product that looks good.

There’s a few things I want to address here. First of all, I’d like to just say that since this is my first project I’m trying to keep the scope in a manageable state, and adding stuff like character customization and a larger world would slow down development significantly. Once I finish Grandmaster, I plan on evaluating the overall state of the game and my own enjoyment in developing it, and depending on what happens I may make another game. If I did start another project, though, it would definitely have quite an expanded scope; and character customization would definitely be included in there.

TL;DR No, character customization is probably not coming to Grandmaster (at least not any time soon).

Touching on your other point, weight is intentionally very easy to accumulate. I have an entire map of the game made, and I’ve tried to balance the weight around the amount of challenges in a route. For example, the dungeon route is going to be more combat-focused than the forest route, so the mimic causes the player to gain significantly less weight than the moon priestess does. I don’t want to spoil too much, so the only other thing I’ll say is that the numbers associated with various challenges are made in a deliberate way (also these numbers could always end up being a bit too high or too low, so I’ll be re-tuning them accordingly).


Really enjoyed the demo so looking forward to more of this.

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Most Impressive


That was great,thoroughly enjoyed! Good job!

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I don’t suppose there will be an option to make a certain Moon much, much bigger, hmm?


idk how this hasn’t gotten more attention, i’m loving the snippet of chubs we’ve gotten already ^^


This game is pretty good, im not much of a reader but i do enjoyed this

I love the way you can see the MC’s body on the menu and the numerous branching endings one can achieved

All in all, a solid 7.9 out of 10