The Grandmaster of Gluttony [v0.3.0 Release!]

so what is the model for the AI generated images that are used here, if you don’t mind me asking?

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This is max size of picture I can get, so I change the form and size of picture and try to aim the text to move on. Really wish to fix this.

I used NovelAI. Didn’t mess with the settings much for most of the images, but I’ve found the full diffusion works better than the curated. For some of the larger sizes I used the furry diffusion to generate the base images and converted to more of an anime style using the curated diffusion. (This process can be pretty time consuming)

If you’re having issues with images overlapping then I recommend just downloading v0.2.0 of Grandmaster, since it has all the same content but the UI is scaled down and should work on most devices.


That helped, thanks.

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yeah, that’s no fun, not seeing what you can read sucks.