The Implant

This is my first relatively big game. You are the brain of a huge narketing company that helps their clients to achieve their sales goals. And you do it in a creative way creating newsbreaks, opinion leaders and shows. Simulating life as you see it should be. And it works because of the implant plan.

I’m starting with the sale, so if bugs still there you will find them and I will fix them ASAP.

Warning! Nudity!

Warning! Read this before you buy!

If you follow me, you should know, that for now I create multiple short games with some sort of game mechanics in almost standard interface. It is literally a bunch of images, that appear in different circumstances and there is almost no weight gain. All my games are stuffing games. And for me the main value is that they are different. Different models, morphs, clothes, different style of interactions. Every game is an experiment. They are as they are. Some people, such as me like such things and diversity. So if you are not into it, i ask you to understand and to forgive))


Hey! Left a message on itch about a bug I found! Also, with some questions about it as well!