The Neon City - V0.05 Released

Any screenshots you can share?

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Here’s some that I just took. Ill be adding more when I update the game on friday :slight_smile:


V0.02 has been released, here’s the changelog:

-added conversation response system
-added basic animation (no jump animation yet, i forgor)
-added cel shaded material
-added placeholder character image
-added currency (usable next update probably)
-added npc rotation when speaking to them

-optimized dialogue display system
-optimized storage so it’s not a whole goddamn gigabyte anymore lmao
-capped max frame rate so your gpu wont melt :))))

-removed day night cycle for the time being (breaks the cel shading)
-removed most if not all print string events so that they don’t show up during gameplay.

Link To Itch Page:

Link To Patreon:


I respect the ambition and how it looks so far. It kinda reminds me of chub chomp chill but if it was free-roam lol

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V0.03 Just dropped

-added camera lag to make camera movement smoother
-added modular character portraits
-added ability to choose player name
-added character creation at beginning of game (this one has sliders!)
-added basic event for new character Himiko
-added new level blockout
-added new character info at top left

-changed dialogue camera so that it no longer voids itself if you’re too close to an object/character

Bug Fixes
-fixed but where naming yourself the same as other characters gets reeeeal messy in dialogue windows

Link To Itch Page:

Hopefully I can get more done next update. I’ve been feeling sick the last few days, but I’m hoping it passes by the end of the weekend.



I was already interested in the screenshots, but now you got me hooked

V0.04 Has Released

-added newly purchased assets to make city look more like a city
-added sculpted landscape
-added super fake water that does not work at all
-added a teleport system to utilise new buildings properly
-added baseline for new interaction system
-added player apartment to eventually make use of new interaction system
-added system for item icons
-added new shop window system that will help me update the inventory system

-messed with lighting settings to fit the style better
-optimized performance

Link To Itch Page:

I’m going to try my hand at the combat system soon, but I want to get more polish done and a bit more content first.

See you next week :slight_smile:


Ayo I’m back and still have this stupid ass cold.

Also 0.05 is out :wink:

-added new inventory menu with stats and character portrait
-added background blur and animation to menus
-added super basic settings menu
-added foliage and more scenery to make city feel larger
-added framework for combat stats
-added combat stats
-added xp
-added levels
-added skill points to level up base stats
-added resource bars
-added basic combat system
-added tunnels area (extremely WIP)
-added very detailed and intricate respawning cube enemy
-added ability to gain xp and money from cube enemy

Hopefully I can get more done for next week if I could stop being sick for like 5 minutes, gotta do a bit more polish on the combat and UI buttons, but after that I’m gonna try to add the dreaded feature of saving and loading.

Feedback is always appreciated, Hope you all enjoy this version.

See ya next week :wink:


I just gave the game a try,

I’m really excited to see where you take this project as I don’t know a lot of open-world weight gain/expansion games that don’t use RPG maker. Keep up the excellent work!

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Hello! First, how do you do that Himiko event? and is there a way to progress time so fullness decreases?
Secondly, I just wanted to give a thought/complaint. Simply put, this game is surprisingly intensive on my computer. And for what it’s worth it doesn’t need to be. The lighting is often TOO bright, and the motion blur makes me a little dizzy

The UI is kinda broken and really hard to navigate on non 16:9 screens. I’ve got a 16:10 screen and the UI is constantly off screen making it difficult to interact with

What resolution are you playing at? I can use it to help resize stuff to work better with other resolutions.

The Himiko event got turned into the shop event. I forgot how terrible I am at writing, so I decided to focus on other content first, sorry.

Currently theres no way to pass time, but I’ll add a way to next update, whether it’s just a button or interacting with a bench or a bed.

As for performance, I know it’s a rough at the moment. I’m trying to optimize it as best as I can, but I think I forgot to disable a camera or two, which makes the game run a lot worse.

I’m disabling motion blur for next update and will put an option in the settings to change it. I meant to disable it in the first place but completely forgot.

I’ll do my best to tone down the lighting without making it look weird.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I use 2560x1600. On another display I might use 1600x1200

Cool thanks. I’ll get that fixed :+1: