The Plan for Tonights Upgrade

So we wanted to give a bit of an overview of how we plan on doing this upgrade tonight. Around 2AM MDT (GMT-6) we plan on putting the forums into a read only mode. During this time we will be creating a backup of the forums that will be used to transfer the data to the upgraded instance we are setting up. Once the transfer of the data from the backup is completed we will be switching instances and doing final checks just to ensure everything looks ok. After the checks are done the site will be switched off of read only mode and all users will be able to resume using the site as normal. If all goes according to plan the site should only be in read only mode for maybe 30-45mins.

That all being said things dont always go according to plan so expect sporadic interruption to service during this time. As usual to keep up to date during the upgrade keep an eye on our twitter or the announcements channel in discord. Thank you all for your understanding.

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The upgrade has been finished. Thank you all for your patience!