The Queendom of Corpula (formerly The Kingdom of Corpula): A Weight Gain Visual Novel v0.4

Everyone would rather have good but not perfect content than no content at all. Everyone would also rather have renders than sprites if given the option. At the end of the day, do what you need to do in order to enjoy the project and get it out. If that is sprites, that is totally okay.


It’s up to you, but I personally would lose all interest if you completely switched to sprites over full renders. Sprites just feel so off-putting and low quality in comparison, not worth the saved time and effort in my eyes. I’d much rather wait way longer for an update than get one with sprites.


true i just started daz still needing to learn more features about it until main time is there any advice using daz

It would definitely lose it’s original feeling if you changed it to sprites. Would turn into a different game i feel like


When the princess is standing in a large room talking to you, using a sprite would’ve not reduced the quality of the scene and if anything may have enhanced it, by making it so fast to prototype that the poses could be better and more numerous.

Although yes, all the chair, furniture, bed, etc, scenes need to be full renders, but vrazz said they were planning to switch from full scenes to a combination of both, not use purely sprites.

My suggestion, use sprites for basic dialog, fully rendered for scenes. Also when planning scenes think about how difficult such a thing is to render. If the characters don’t need to move much then the majority of the time is the literal rendering. If they move a ton then most of the time is going to be positioning characters, lighting, and camera framing.

Also when at all possible avoid having two figures in a scene because it’s a pain in the ass, especially if they are interacting.


Personally, sprites break immersion for me. If you could find a way to integrate them into the scene against the background then maybe it could work, but overall rendered scenes just feel high quality and in my opinion are worth the extra development time.


Thanks to everyone who left feedback about sprites vs. full renders! After taking into consideration the opinions expressed, QoC will remain SPRITE FREE. I don’t think the time savings would justify the reduction in quality.


true stuff takes times atleast you got some good feedback

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Sorry for what I post earlier.


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@sophron_johnson it’s against weight gaming rules to ask for an update from a dev. FAQ - Weight Gaming

@vrazz gave an update last month about the project. It’s slow going as you can expect a project being worked on by a single developer in their limited free time, for free would be.


Don’t know how I missed this game before, but just got around to playing it. The scene with the room with the giant scale was possibly one of my favorite scenes I’ve seen in a Ren’Py game. Would really like to revisit that room later in the story in a future update.

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Doesn’t the weight of Annora and Brenna seem too high in the current build?
stage 1 Annora looks like 150 pounds, stage 2 looks 170, stage 3 looks 200, stage 4 looks 250.
stage 1 Brenna looks 170 pounds, stage 2 looks 200.