The Salty AF Thread

Ever had a gameplay experience where you felt super frustrated and upset? Wanted to rip your controller in two or punch another few holes in your wall? This is a thread where we can share our salty gameplay experiences for a good laugh- or some empathetic chatter.

I’m going to start with Sans. JUST. FUCKING. SANS! >:(

In FF7, those frog enemies that turn your party into frogs. When u get a team of like 10 of them and they frog combo you and the battle lasts like 3 hours.

for whatever reason, there was a level in the DS yoshi’s island that cost me damn near 70-something lives. I remember the rage; it was an ice level.
I get flashbacks whenever people talk about yoshi’s island now; was the DS version a different game? because that level was something out of hell.

Really, I feel that anytime a game throws in unfair difficulty, (with out a good reason) is just horrible.
One case of this I didn’t like, was in LISA: The Painful. There are a large number of enemies in the game that can instantly kill any of your party members, plus, it’s Perma-Death, so they never come back. Even if most of these enemies aren’t required to fight, it’s still horrible to forever lose a party member by complete chance.

Ah ha. Ah hahahaha. I’ve probably already told you about the fact I lost my comp, but let me tell you exactly WHAT turned my rage to such a level.

The game of League started out fine. I was a Quinn mid against a Lissandra. Hard, but I could make it work. She got a kill on me after my team scored first blood, and when I came back, I payed back the favor. Come level 6, and I start to roam.

A roam bot lane should have secured two kills. My team followed right behind me after vayne. Next thing I know, I’m by myself against Yasuo, Lissandra AND Vayne.

A 3v2 turned into a 1v3. I got a little mad, naturally.

A second roam to top lane, and Lissandra is once again there. I give my tryndamere time to get oout by disrupting Illaoi at just the right moment. Lissandra comes in and just before I kill her, she ults herself. My team once AGAIN leaves, And now I’m up against Lissandra, Illaoi and Yasuo AGAIN.

My rage reached a peak there. And thus, My computer’s hard drive was no more.

Major developers love to make great games with terrible difficulty spikes. Soul Blade is possibly the best fighting game ever, but it had mandatory battles where you had to land a special combo three times in order to beat your opponent. Pressing two buttons at once is a little bit hard on the Playstation 1 controller, but pressing three is a lot harder. You have to press SQUARE+TRIANGLE+CIRCLE and then it does an attack that leads into an extremely quick string of attacks. After landing that attack, you have to do a secondary input, which is usually very complicated, before that string of attacks ends. This also causes your weapon durability bar to decrease by a fourth or more. If it goes down too low, you can’t use anymore of the attacks. Therefore, you are basically not allowed to mess up and just hitting the initial attack is difficult without being killed.

Then there is the boss rush in Kirby 64. As a kid, it was impossible for me to beat. The sad part is that I could almost perfect the last bosses - the third, fourth and fifth boss were a lot more likely to kill me. It made me very upset knowing that I could beat the final bosses easily, but never get past the fifth boss.

The things that make me upset are usually when you barely have a chance to correct for mistakes. It just feels like luck or some very precise performance of something I don’t really care about and end up not caring about after I pass that part of the game.

As for Undertale, Undyne’s true form was a lot more painful than Sans even though Sans took longer because Undyne adjusted me to what was happening with Sans.

Devil May Cry 3’s secret missions were mostly incredibly frustrating and some seemed very luck-based like when you had to stay in the air for 10 seconds or something.

Final Fantasy V managed to get me really upset with the battle against Gogo. There was a lot of stress leading up to the battle and it easily made you want to give up on the battle, not as they intended.

Final Fantasy V and IV’s (Advance version) extra dungeons were also really painful. I think IV’s had no save points, but was extremely big and confusing (combined with various things being random or unexpected). V’s just had really tough bosses.

I can handle hard games. While I’m no master at games like Super Meat Boy, I don’t find the brutal difficulty offputting because it was designed that way.

What I cannot stand is fake difficulty

In GTA V, there are 50 stunt jumps throughout the game, and while only 25 are required for 100% completion, there is an achievement for getting all of them.

and It. Is. Awful.

to start with, there is no way to check progress on collectibles in-game. You can check certain collectibles on Rockstar’s website, but stunt jumps are not one of them, which makes maps very difficult, since stunt jump #31 on one website could be stunt jump #17 on another, and that’s not even getting into the fact that many maps you can find for stunt jumps have jumps in the wrong location. And once you do fond a good map, there’s no way to know if you’ve done a stunt jump before except by completing it again. Stunt jumps are made further worse by the fact that you have to land your vehicle in a very specific location which is never indicated by the game unless you extrapolate based on the camera angle. While some of these are forgivable, others are very easy to overshoot or undershoot, difficult to position for, or very easy to kill yourself on, which respawns you at a hospital that is often not near the jump and without your vehicle.

There are just so many small things that make it unnecessarily annoying to complete.

Wow, great mention. Rockstar games have always been a sore spot for me. When I played games like Vice City or Grand Theft Auto 3, there was too much focus on doing artificially difficult quests and sidequests while the exploration was boring except for different types of people, sometimes getting a lot of money from killing one and finding weapons. San Andreas and Bully were the first Rockstar games I enjoyed. I haven’t played the new game, but that achievement sounds like the most frustrating thing in the world based on the fact that I have done stunt jump challenges in the older game and they were already very confusing. I feel like the achievement system in modern games is usually abused and they often skip challenges that would have been much more fun or they don’t count achievements at a point when the player felt like they completed the achievement. The thing that gets me most upset about achievements is when there are usually two you can get at the very beginning, but the rest take ages or you have to beat the game to suddenly get most of the others.

[font=times new roman][i]This might be a weird one, but I can never forget it: Hexic HD

Now, I’m a good gamer, and often LIKE challenge. But, for whatever reason, THIS DAMNABLE HEXAGONAL PUZZLE GAME made me RAAAGE. For 2 years. Now, completing a game of Hexic can be easy(it was once I did it ONCE), but 100% the game…that’s another story. The bombs with short fuses can be brutal, miss-matching stars together was almost tear-jerking, and, COMPLETELY winning the game THE WRONG WAY was a BITCH. But, I did beat it one day, and I am still proud of it to this day.

My words to you: Don’t play this game, unless you WANT to be tortured.[/i][/font]

Syphon Filter, the master of trial and error. You will try sections of the game over… and over… and over. Because things are poorly explained, poorly outlined, and because of the extreme lack of checkpoints.

To this day, though, it remains my favorite game.

i know putting a dark souls game on here is probably cheating but i loved the first game even if it had the difficulty curve of a NES game but then came 2 a game that thought a difficulty curve was a strait line up. the first areas you can enter have enemies that can not only one shot you or shatter your defense in a instance if you survive the first shot they stun lock you and take out the last of your health.

theirs a glitch that eat weapon and armor durability like a fat kid on chocolate. if you want to be a mage or cleric prepare for the game to stab you a new set of holes being the only npcs who can teach you any good spells are blocked off by bosses or areas you shouldn’t explore unless you got some really good equipment and unlike every other npc they don’t teleport back to your base they stay in their rooms you met them in waiting to hear your screams of anger trying to reach them from the bonfire/checkpoint.

the story is even weaker then the first being it has some weird hard on for sucking off the first games story with out giving any context to whats happening in the game best example being in one area is a crap ton of dragons and their are no items that explain why they are there except so item with rare drop rate even then it make no sense and I’ve seen fans try to piece it together. I’m glade three fixed all these problem and more but still two is still a big black stain on the games past and is my most annoying game to try and beat.