The Sultans Harem - V0.2 on Patreon / V0.1 on itch for FREE

Thanks, I’ll try it out on my phone.

Patch 0.2.6 is out on Patreon.

the patch contains (as far as new content goes):

- a sex scene for each harem girl

- featuring 75+ new renders in total

- a new minor event for each girl at each stage (where you´ll find them topless)

featuring over 85+ new sprites in total


Just one render from a new scene with Katerina, I hope you like how it turned out)


Fantastic project! Minor things in the 0.2.6 update that I noticed (bugwise):

  • Later scenes with Katerina don’t seem to have the player name put in and just refer to me as X
  • Various nap recollections either are empty (I suspect you know this) or in one example crashed the game
  • Jamal disappears when talking to you in the courtroom with the Phrase “A few of your lesser servants would like to conscipt to your army!”
  • Various typos (such as Conscript above!)

Feel free to tell me to go away if you already have plans for these elements, but my 2 cents/questions in relation to characters and general stuff:

  • It seems hinted that Eyana is going to start getting involved in helping you round out the girls to your liking. Is this the case that we get to see more of her in the capacity? Perhaps talking to her in the throne room could give you the option for her to focus on one girl in particular.

  • I think confiscating the pastries from the merchants should give you the spoils to give to the girls instead of paying for them from the Bakery! Similarly when we order a large amount from the Bakery, where do they go?

  • Entering the Harem when a random event is triggered should just play the event rather than force me to pick a girl and then have it happen. Would make it feel more organic imo and you avoid ignoring a girl for the whole game

  • Does the negative talk about weight actually have a consequence? For example they mention “cutting back on food for a while” but they still seem to accept all of the food I shove their way!

  • The generic “Hey! what would you like to do?” sounds a bit robotic and out of character for most of the girls. Personalised ones would go a long way as we see them so often.

  • Giving specific food to each girl from the bakery should change depending on what their favourites are. I actually went out of my way to give a pastry to a Girl (I forget who) as they mentioned they liked them best

  • Past the point that the Girls give into/ seem to enjoy getting fatter for you the “you don’t think I’m fat right” comments seem out of place

Much of what I have mentioned I am sure is just early Game Dev stuff, but hope this helps in some way in the progression of the project!


Version 2.6 bugs, errors, etc.

  • The topless scenes have some issues.

  • Yixing’s stage five topless scene will play at stage one

  • Lela will have one stage higher topless scene play on the current (lower) stage. This normally happened after seeing the correct topless stage scene, I.E. after see stage three topless I would see stage four play later still within stage three.

  • The RNG on most of the girls for the topless scenes made me miss most of the scenes with normal gameplay (for me that is trying to see all the dialogue and not rushing the food events.) Unless I went out of my way to try to make them appear by doing options that didn’t progress the weight stage of a girl. They need to play at least once a stage, in some cases they are relevant for dialogue being said that you have seen the topless scenes. So being able to miss them at all doesn’t make sense. I don’t mind RNG of them triggering but I don’t personally want to feel like I need to “fish” for the scenes before each weight stage (especially since there’s not much content for the girls each stage as it is.)

  • Katerina refers to the player as X still in multiple events. The event when transition to weight stage three (at the bar), the weight stage four transitioning event (popping her girdle), and the event for transitioning to weight stage five (the second eating contest.)

  • I assume this will eventually change but Arya’s “talk to her” dialogue doesn’t really first her route at all once she’s beyond stage one. I get making her resistant to gaining makes sense for someone coming in from a foreign land but from stage two+ most of her events and other dialogue is about her gaining and being tolerant of it, then accepting, and finally teasing and seductive with it. So having her say the same things and being upset about gaining or her changing appearance doesn’t make sense.

  • Yixing sprite is missing for stage one when giving her food and when the MC first talks to her and she says, “Hey! What would you like to do?”

  • Typos, spelling, grammar, and all things above listed here with screenshots.


  • I like the topless scenes and dialogue in most cases it provides a much better look at the girls, some of which we hardly get to see from different angles. So seeing some behind or side shots, Katerina without her girdle, etc is really nice. The dialogue helps flesh out a lot of the girls more as well.

  • The sex scenes are good, Lela’s my favorite probably followed by Nina but I like them all. I do have a preferences for food, stuffing related shenanigans within sex scenes though so I’m a bit biased there. I do think the feel a bit short probably but I like what is there. Some extra dialogue/renders/animations might help with that even if it’s just for future scenes. There seems to be some kind of indication that they will either have more or different scenes if the event replay options are anything to go by so that might change my current feelings depending on how its done. It feels odd to not have genitali shown with how the scenes are but I assume this is by design, personally a bit jarring for me there.

  • With the updated dialogue and renders for the girls eating scenes it’s really nice and makes those parts of each stage feel different and helps match the narrative to the renders of the girls’ ever increasing appetites and in a few changes changes in habits or personalities. It would be nice to see some of the dialogue in the “talk to her” and gifting of food sections also update. For example we take Yixing out shopping in one option. I think it opens itself up nicely to half her ease into us seeing what she is trying on probably around stage two, to maybe her changing in front of us, being seductive, etc as her narrative starts to change when she opens up to us more and wants to start putting on weight. I think there are multiple plays were the “talk to her” dialogue can help flesh out and makes stages feel more different from each other for each girl.

  • With there being a four stage gap before sex scenes start I think there could be some room to add in some earlier intimate scenes. Kissing, touching, massage (be it the rubbing of bellies or otherwise) etc. Just some things that keep in line with a slower intimate connection the Sultan is building within his harem but currently isn’t necessarily shown off with each girl.


I think the new scenes at the harem really improved the pace of our developing relationships with each girl. In general, though, I think because there’s still not a ton to do outside the harem once it’s all put together, the girls all still grow very fast because our full focus is put on feeding them before too long. I’m hoping that more fleshed out mechanics and events added elsewhere will make investing in their weight gains more challenging in future updates, as I think this would be more satisfying.

Something I have been curious about since the update is whether or not sex scenes will occur at every weight stage after the first time. Despite feeling that the gains could take a bit longer if more content were added to space things out, I also sort of think the sex scenes start too late, in general. The way the story is written that’s clearly not going to change, but it would be nice for them to be a regular occurrence after the ice is broken. I agree that some other intimacy early on would go a long way here, though I realize this would vary depending on the personality of each girl. Some take longer to warm up and that’s a good thing.

Since this update was really just a patch of the previous update a lot has already been said and suggested. But, trying not to be too redundant, some other things I’m curious about are:

Will Fatima join the harem eventually or be a romance character, or will we just watch her put on weight at the bakery forever?

Will the main character’s sister get any sexier scenes or become more involved like she teases she will? I’m a little torn on this because of the MC’s relationship with her but… man I still want to see it.

There was a poll regarding which girl people would like to see more weight stages from in the next update. Is every update going to be all about just one girl? I feel like that will discourage me from giving anyone else attention if I know I won’t see anything new, especially since each girl exists in a vacuum with no interactions or shared scenes between them that would be triggered by them gaining mutually. This could be mitigated if a LOT of other gameplay were added in, but I don’t know how ambitious the next update will be.

On that note, how much gameplay will be added outside the harem in the next update? As funny as it is to fix the church’s roof four times in a day, it would be nice to have more throne room problems, more laws to pass, and more to do in the town. Also, unless I completely missed it, the issue of a plot against the MC among the nobles is brought to our attention multiple times but currently goes nowhere. I’m interested in how that will affect us.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next update. Despite some typos and other errors, the visuals and the writing continue to be very engaging, and the women are very charming in their own ways.


Just played this game myself for the first time tonight. I had a great time with it. I loved the demo so I also joined the patreon to check out the latest version as well. I will say I liked the addition of the music in the V0.2 version as it did help with the tone and theme of the game.

I think there’s a good cast of characters as well in this game from the harem characters, to the members of the court, and even the sister character as well. I like how each of the harem characters gain weight in slightly different way and their personalities are all different as well. My favorite so far has been Nina. I’m a big sucker for greedy girls like her that use their status to feed their gluttony.

Something I really did appreciate in this game as well was the game telling me when I hit the end of each character’s scenes. Made it nice and easy to know I didn’t have to keep guessing if there was another stage or not.

Originally I was a little anxious about the sister character, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed her addition as well. It’s quite nice seeing her standing as a size comparison to the members of the harem. And again I’m a big sucker for girls in high places abusing the status.

As it stands I quite liked this game and I’m curious to see more in the future.

The only bug I really ran into was when trying to access Nina’s memories in the Nap menu, it seemed to crash on the “When she really got into it” option. Giving a "could not find label ‘n_e3’ " error message.

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bonjour jai la dernniere mise a jour je n arrive pas de bloquer la femme noir que faudrait t il faire pour l avoir ?

Hello and welcome to weight gaming @andrew_du59.

Lela est débloquée en adoptant la loi sur les accords commerciaux. Vous devez d’abord faire passer une nouvelle loi pour augmenter les impôts. Allez dans votre cabinet et lisez un livre une fois, et vous pourrez aller dans la salle d’audience et travailler sur de nouvelles lois. Choisissez d’augmenter les impôts. En lisant un livre sept fois de plus, tu seras suffisamment instruit pour adopter la deuxième loi, à savoir un accord commercial. Après avoir fait cela, promène-toi dans la ville et tu verras apparaître un événement pour rencontrer Lela.

Hi, I’m here because I wanted to truly say congrats for what you guys created, your game is truly beautiful, from the historical setting to the whole realisation.
I saw that the bugs that I noted already have been noticed by other users so it’s not necessary that I repeat them.
I’m proud to have subscribed to the Patreon and I really can’t wait for the next update, even because jinxing is my fav character so far.


I have a question tho: there’s one scene for each harem girl that can’t rewatch for an error, I suppose it’s the sex scene? Do everyone else have that problem or? Is there any way to fix it?


Hey guys,

First of, thanks for all the kind words for the last update.

I took your guys´s advice to heart and will change the oracle´s prophecies a little and add some more hints on how to get some girls throughout the game, coming within the next version.

Additionally to that, I will also add these things:

  • 3 new stages for Yixing (as voted in the Patreon-poll)
  • event for side characters
  • date scene for all harem girls at all stages
  • stats menu for girls

We have already completed parts of V0.3 and I hope I can provide you guys some concrete info on when it´ll be finished soon.

But that´s all for now,



Appreciate the update Live, i hope you have good Thanksgiving this week, that is if you celebrate it.

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I told myself I wasn’t gonna pay to play the game until there were more stages for Yixing, and it looks like I’ll be becoming a patron with this new update!

Very excited for when the update releases!

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I also keep having this same error come up for re-watching the sex scenes with any of the characters. It always says “Add after sex scene renders to normal scene first”.

Also for some reason, none of the scenes with Nina can be played back. I always get this error message:

Two of the Nina scenes work for the event replay (the first two options) and three don’t. But I would guess none of the sex scenes were added to the event replay and two of Nina’s other events. The messages are that come up during them are clearly placeholders and exception errors. The same issues existed in 2.0, minus the sex scenes as they were added in 2.6.

So everyone has this issue with the sex scene replays even in v. 2.6?

Yes, it’s not specific to you. The sex scenes were added in version 2.6+ as it was a patch of some things that didn’t make it into 2.0 on it’s original release. They were not added for the event replay feature as indicated by the placeholder text, which is why the scenes don’t come up.

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Cheers, thanks for clearing that up for me.

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