The Sultans Harem 🕌 - V0.4 on Patreon / V0.2 on itch for FREE

Great game! Might want to update the project title though.


i have some stats that are over 100 and if i try to unlock a law it says you are not well read enough

Yes you need to keep reading until you’re read enough to make a new law. There’s no way to know your level so go to the bed chamber and read books until you’re out of energy. Then go check to see if you can make a new law. If you can’t just repeat until you can. Someone might have specifics of how many times you need to read but I don’t know unfortunately.

You can do this for three laws in 0.2.

Man i love this game, It’s truly the game with the most potential I’ve played in this community since the weighting game, but I really think there are some crucial things to include in the future, and others that would make the story most interesting:

  • the game has very little interaction with the secondary characters outside of those in the harem, the oracle is only there and gives some clues, the baker simply gains weight when we order there,the criticism regarding the baker is more because I like the character and wanted more content lol

-It would be interesting if the characters gained weight not only in the torso, they don’t gain any fat in the face, the face in stage 5 is the same as in 1, this addition would be cool

-Now something more personal lol, something about the sultan’s sister would be cool, like suddenly losing weight throughout the story and gaining It back, or just starting out with less fat (it kind of loses its appeal when she starts looking like those women who ride the go-karts on the market, without making progress)

The game is really incredible and tomorrow I’m going to play 2.0, but these are things that would be interesting for me, especially because the game doesn’t even have bugs to complain about.

(Sorry for any spelling errors, english is not my primary language)


@floppy I agree with you that more interaction with secondary characters would be great.


I wanted more interaction with the baker as she grows other then just buy from her, the oracle could have more interaction with her by having the player give her food like the harem as donations to unlock her visions. I definitely agree about the sister as her change was so subtle that I could barely tell she changed except the dialog said so, if she had arrived at the palace smaller then that change would be easily identifiable


'Twas an exquisite update indeed my lord.


Will this every be released for free anywhere?

The 0.1 version has released for free @livegoeson4 just hasn’t updated the first post or title. The Sultans Harem by LiveGoesOn ( The 0.2 update is currently only for patreons.


I have over 200 on each stat and I don’t know how to unlock nina or how to make eyana gain weight pls help
(I have reload a sauve from the 0.1 version maybe the problem come from here)

Welcome to weight gaming @guidomista060803 If you are playing 0.2 you can’t use an old save from 0.1. It’s likely the issue you are having.

Hello, I’ve a doubt and where I can see in the update the “rewatch” if I finished the game? I would appreciate it

go to the player’s chambers and nap, you should be asked what to think about and you can pick which scene you want re-watch

In regards to this post The Sultans Harem - First Version OUT NOW on Patreon - #152 by livegoeson4

Is the part at the bottom about the already rendered but not yet implemented sex scenes talking about version 0.3? Or is it something that is already in 0.2? It’s tough to tell.

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There has been no additional patch for the content that was going to in 0.2 but was not included yet (to my knowledge.) It is supposed to be a patch to add in the additional content and not a version 0.3. No idea what is going on with that though.

how to get girls into your harem or is this not available in version 0.1?


Welcome to Weight Gaming @Voy3.

All girls except Nina (only in 0.2) are available in 0.1 for your Harem.

  • At the start of the game you can unlock Fatima (The baker not a harem member) by Go somewhere else, Go for a walk, Walk through town. It’s rng so it may take a few attempts.

  • Oracle (non harem girl) can be visited as you pass days she should unlock on day four. Jamal will approach you and tell you, that you can now visit her at the temple by Go somewhere else, Go for a walk, Go to the temple

  • Arya is unlocked in the intro and will be in the harem to interact with.

  • Lela is unlocked by passing the trade agreement law. First you need to pass a new law to increase taxes. Go to your chambers and read a book once, and you will be able to go to the courtroom, and work on new laws. Choose to increase taxes. Reading a book seven more times will allow you to be well read enough to make the second law, arrange a trade agreement. After you have done this take a walk around town and you will have an event pop up to meet Lela.

  • On day ten your sister Eyana will unlock (non harem girl.)

  • Getting the military strength statistic to 100 will unlock Yixing. The event automatically pops up.

  • Getting the (public) opinion statistic to 100 will unlock Katerina. The event automatically pops up.

  • On day 15 an event with Eyana and Nina will pop up that unlocks Nina (version 0.2+ only.)

You can check your statistics at anytime by going to the courtroom and Ask for the kingdoms statistics


I 'm sorry, but when the new version 0.2 is released for free. I’m asking since I live in a country where I can’t buy a patreon subscription


Assuming @livegoeson4 decides to do the next release the same way. Then 0.2 might release for free when 0.3 comes out. That’s how 0.2 was handled when it released last month on patreon.


Will there be a moble version @livegoeson4 ?

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Just uploaded an Android version to

@Bladerune9 was kind enough to provide me with the conversion of my game.

I´ll make sure to convert the other versions for Android soon.