The Swell Grill - Cynuver's Solo Submission


Welcome to the Swell Grill!

You are now the owner of a new grill in a new neighborhood!
Three different personalities will arrive, and it is up to you on how to handle them.
This visual novel will take around one to two hours to complete.

So put on your relaxing music as you play through and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Dev Notes:
All programs used: Unity, Krita, Gimp.

First off, I’m new to this; so any criticism would be appreciated.
Also there are no viruses.

I really wanted to create a music loop for the game, but I didn’t have enough time and I don’t think it would meet my standards.

I also realize that RenPy would’ve been easier to use, but I’ve never used it before (even though I have prior Python knowledge), and I’ve used Unity for quite some time.

I’m very sorry for the rushed end product as I didn’t have enough time to draw quality sprites and stories. I only learned to draw last week; and, I ended up in a bit of a rut; so, I had to take constant breaks and some days out. This is my first actual completed game for this forum; and, I hope I’m able to produce more.

I also made the mistake in participating in another game jam; which forced me to take a break from this project to create the other one (it’s really unrelated).

The sprites aren’t up to par with my standards; but, it was better to release something than nothing. I’m hoping to improve my drawing skills before I create another one, and with school coming, it may take more time than expected.

I really do hope you’ll enjoy it!


You said it takes one to two hours to complete. But I completed it in 30 minutes. So did i miss something or am I just a fast reader?

I thought the game was very good. For having learned to draw so recently, your characters are very expressive and the art was cute. I think with a bit more time to extend the story and have a bit more of a ending, it could be a great game. I am looking forward to seeing whatever you make next, be it a continuation of this or something new.

As far as issues, when you only hire one of the girls it seems to loop the day somewhat. Having a game end screen would be nice as well as I thought the game glitched at the end of day 3 when it brought me back to the menu.


Ah, I was wondering if that was a loop! Good to know that wasn’t me.

And yeah, I also completed the game, super fast. Does it take longer if you don’t take the options to influence the gals to get big?

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Excellent concept, interesting characters, and the basis for what could become a most excellent VN.

This really has a ton of content for only being made in 2 weeks! great job!

(as for the loop, I also got it, it’s after charlotte asks to be hired.)


This is a nice start!
setting all of this outside of a dedicated visual novel software meant that you had to set up
the UI. The scrollung text was nicely implemented!

I too have encountered the loop, but this is no issue for this submission!

Great job

Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 250
Writing: 250
Concept/Design 550
Msc: 100
Total: 21150


An interesting little VN that unfortunately feels a bit underdeveloped. The game feels a bit more like a demo teasing the first part of the VN. I would love to see it developed further as the concept and characters I thought where quite interesting.

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 140
Writing: 90
Concept/Design 660
Msc: 25
Total: 20915


I am going to be blunt, I found the dialogue in this game to be extremely off putting. Given the ending, perhaps this is the intention, but when the it is a character driven game, having every single character being somewhat abrasive (including the main character), it just did not work for me. I will say that the choices felt fairly meaningful, and while each character I found to be hard to empathize with, they did all feel distinct. The fetish element felt somewhat weak, it felt like the story took precedent over the “meat,” so to speak, of the matter here. The art assets and emotive animations were done well, but a visual novel should shine through its words and its characters, and I think of everything here, that needs to be shored up the most.

Juxtaterrestrial Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 149
Writing: 128
Concept/Design 717
Msc: 53
Total: 21047


I really like the idea of running a business and slowing influencing customers to gain weight. I think its a cool way to do weight progression. I think most of my feedback is going to be related to the writing. An important part of any writing is creating the suspension of disbelief. You want people to believe your characters are real. I think this project would benefit from some attention to the realism of some of the dialogue. While one of the characters justifies their openness in conversation by hating small talk, the other characters conversations feel a bit forced and unnatural. If you made those conversations feel more natural i think the game would really shine. I definitely want to get to know the characters better. Scarlet is cute and I definitely want to know her better. I hope you keep working on the project!

Total points: 63112