The Thickening(WIP, name probably will change)

I am currently working on a twine text-based game. This is my first time making anything in twine or ever. I am learning Python currently in a college class but I figured this would be a good first start.
So far there is only a little bit made so far but in what I have done there is some weight gain content to start. I have to go to work soon but whats done so far was done in a few hours. I just wanted to make a simple game to familiarize myself with twine.

I was heavily inspired by The Curse of the Lipomancer by Somchu. Very great job on that game!

But here is the link for those who would like to play what I have done so far: 390.4 KB file on MEGA

Let me know if there is any errors in the grammar or spelling of the text. Also let me know if you have any critique or anything I can change or possibly do with the unfinished parts of the game.


You can’t just post the link from your search bar, you need to either host the .html file on a website like your own or, or let the people manually download the file from place like MEGA or Mediafire.


Thank you for telling me that it didn’t work. I believe I just fixed it now. Let me know if it works now.


Looks good so far :slight_smile:

I’d definitely suggest putting it on Itch so people can play it without downloading.


Yeah I can see about putting it on there as well I just got the Mega link up yesterday because I had a little time before work.

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I wasn’t looking for those, but I’d have to suggest paragraphs as a useful way to break up different ideas in the text.

Thank you for the critique! Definitely noted when I get some time to work on it.