The Weighting Game - WIP (download links to latest version in first post)

She had a stroke probably


Your solution might be in the main post:


Yes @SkyNotMine is correct that the bug for the call Alice button disappearing is listed in the first post. Generally waiting up to a week of time in game should fix this. As the post states just hit the “wait and hour” button until 20:00-22:00 and then sleep and rinse and repeat until up to about a week has past and the button should return.

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oh my god, you killed alice

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I rest my case (again) about most people simply not bothering to read notes on a game…

I’m quite tempted to password protect the game files, put the password directly below the game links and see how many people post to ask for the password :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, the test renders for the remodelled character are looking GOOD.


Naah, she just went for pizza and forgot to come back


NGL, that would be hilarious

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I can’t wait to see them in action. Also password below game links would be funny NGL.


You know there was a game on the SNES that did feature the usage of passwords to reload into the game, no saves at all. I think it is called Young Merlin and you are a starting wizard who gets swept into a magic land under the tyranny of an evil king. Each time you complete up to a certain section you get a password that reloads you into the spot.

The Game Roughly

The point of the game is you battle the top commanders of the evil king’s army and gain different powers as you go along while saving those you meet along the way. Since the game is very linear the password system works exactly as you expect save for certain items (like what you have in bottles for example). Powers are obtained by either throwing gems into a pond or finding them in dungeons as you go along.
I know there is an old wizard, a fairy, a protective father, and his daughter (that Merlin likes). The evil king has a boar as a commander of his pig army, a green slime blob, and a giant spider called “Spyder”, as well as tiny minions that look like the evil king.
Its fun, but very tough to beat. I wouldn’t say dark souls level but some of the things, enemies, and bosses are very tricky to beat. Plus there are two sections of the game dedicated to a minecart minigame that is annoying to figure out, as well as a “swimming” section (you walk and hope to run into a mermaid to heal you, otherwise you have to spam a certain item to make it to the end.
I wonder how many know or remember the game, been a long time since I’ve laid eyes on it.

The problem is with such a system it is very easy for someone to load a password in and reach the end, skipping over significant content. It would be funny if there are fake passwords, with some complaining about them but who knows.


This post makes me feel old. But many games in the 80s-90s used passwords. Old Roms and carts often didn’t have any form of battery backup save or of course no memory saving and used passwords generally cause it was cheaper then writing something on the cart (plus this saved space as both space and money was always a concern for cost especially with third party devs).

And of course there wasn’t cheating with passwords as the internet didn’t exist and outside of getting a used copy that has the level passwords written in the book for you already didn’t happen.


I pre-date all but the very earliest video games. Now that’s old :stuck_out_tongue:

I never had a modern console (unless you count an Atari 2600/VCS) until recently, but a lot of computer games had passwords too. Populous on the Amiga springs to mind. A separate password for each level. Seeing as there were 500 levels, that was a lot of scraps of paper! I seem to remember there being a big fuss when a UK computer magazine published the entire 500 passwords.


The topic is reaching in the thousands so it would take a long time to find all the tips or tricks.


Tiggertoo is specifically referencing the fact that the first post lists a bug and what to do when/if encountering it. There’s no need to scour through posts for tips and tricks. And it’s still a pretty big fact that regardless of the topic a lot of people often ask first before using the search feature to see if there question has been mentioned or answered. Or just generally don’t read posts :joy:.

Especially in a big topic like this one general problems and questions have probably been answered or talked about many times. So the search function is the way to go in my opinion.


Hey i want to now how to make alice happy thx

Alice’s mood is affected by a few things but generally being a good boyfriend and showing up at the gym when Alice misses your call. When there complimenting her and reassuring her will be the easiest way to raise her mood and keep her happy.


Exactly this. I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to read through the entire thread looking for a solution, but to download the game, you have to scroll right past what to do if this bug crops up :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ce somehow managed to play through the entire game without triggering hannah once

Yeah, it is possible that can happen. Her story will only kick in after you’ve spotted her twice in the cafe at a very early stage in the game. If you miss one of those early cafe meetings, then nothing in her story will trigger after that.

The finished game will (hopefully) fix this. One of the hundreds of tweaks that I’ll be working through at some point.



I’m still new here. I really liked your work. The pictures I saw were good.
If I support you on Patreon, can I try the game?


Due to piracy concerns, there will be no further releases of the game until it is completely finished, at which point it will be sold as a downloadable game, presumably on or Steam. I believe Patreon and Ko-fi supporters will get a free copy of the game but I’m not certain about that.