The Weighting Game - WIP (download links to latest version in first post)

The game is in the first post. It is the version all have access to for free. The patreon was removed and closed down. The public will not have access to any other version until the game is released for sale. You can always support @tiggertoo on their ko-fi if you want but this will not give you access to any other version of the game. But tiggertoo updates it often with pictures and renders for supporters. You can of course just tip however much you want when you want, set up a monthly thing, or nothing up to you.

Buy TT2 a Coffee. - Ko-fi :heart: Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ Page.

Also welcome to the site @Gre1gor.

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I understand, thank you for your answers! :slight_smile:


Can you possibly suggest something so that I can download the game if mega doesn’t allow it and my computer says the rest is wrong?


There are four links in the first post a Google drive and mega for Windows PC or Mac.

You should have no issues using the mega or Google links provided if something is blocked it might be your anti virus or browser preventing you from accessing it. The links are safe to use.

The other thing that comes to mind is to make sure you have the right version for your operating system.


@echumxbiaoef and @Krodmandoon are correct. It’s highly unlikely there will be any more public versions until the game is finished. Every version I’ve put out so far has been pirated, and it’s a massive motivation killer to see something you’ve worked so hard on constantly stolen before it’s even finished. So there’s no Patreon any more. The Kofi page kindly linked by @Krodmandoon is simply a tipjar to try and cover some of the game costs.

One day, I’m going to have a massive rant on why piracy is absolutely ruining game development in a fetish as small as this…

Anyway, the versions linked in the first post of the thread are 100% safe to download. They’ve been downloaded thousands of times by users on here, and if there were any issues, the files would have been pulled long before now. Google may give a warning that it can’t virus check the file, but that’s a standard Google message for anything other than the smallest of files.


One day, I’m going to have a massive rant on why piracy is absolutely ruining game development in a fetish as small as this…"

I fully get what ya mean, but I doubt any of us call this fetish “small” :wink:


not everyone who likes fatties is into looking for games they just tipe bbw/ssbbw on their browser also not everyone is paying for fetish game. in this casi i do like it so when is finished i will propably buy it

As someone who deals with piracy on a regular, daily, annoying basis, let me just say that you have to try and stop focusing on the super small minority of pirates and start focusing more on the large majority of actual supporters.

Once you just get over the fact that you will never stop it and realize that tons of people are willing to support you and your art, you’ll feel a lot better. Trust me, I did.

Focus on them. The good ones. Also, avoid sites where stuff is pirated often, then you don’t have to worry about seeing it. Block the bad shit out. You can’t stop it. Even giant corporations with tons of money can’t stop it.

It’s like being the person that gets 50 great reviews and 1 bad review and spending the entire time fretting over trying to impress the one bad review person.

Anyway, I know you didn’t want my advice, and I’m sorry I provided it without asking, but I know pirates are scum and I had to speak up because I’ve gone down the piracy discouragement rabbit hole plenty and have almost quit making art entirely. Make the game for the good parts of the community, and yourself.

Also, thank you for making the game. You rock dude, and it’s incredible what you have accomplished.


Am I the only one that checks this thread like every three days for an update hahah?! Super excited for a final version, and as to @TheMagmaMan 's point, I will definitely be buying it. Cannot WAIT for the rest of Alice’s story :slight_smile:


Every three days. I check every day. I too cannot wait for the rest of Alice’s story. I still want an immobile harem ending.


maybe you can publish it on steam
i mean early access
i would like to pay


Okay, niche, rather than small :wink:

I wasn’t referring to my own game as such, more what piracy is doing to games in this fetish as a whole, especially games that are in development and relying directly on people supporting them to continue.

@Mitch_Ryan and @WankA12
There’s definitely more to come from Alice :wink:

Yeah, I thought about doing an early access version, but decided against it for the same reason I decided against using the pay in advance ‘feature’ on Patreon. If people pay up front for a game that’s nowhere near finished, there’s a lot less motivation for the dev to actually finish the thing.

In other news, I see I’ve now hit over 20K downloads!

I was chatting to someone earlier about how hot height contrasts are, so I thought it’d be fun to revisit a picture I did ages ago and post it as celebration of 20K.

Remember this…?

How times have changed…


good one tigger and congrats

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Of course I use Zoidberg for this. Because Zoidberg.


Great! A beautiful sight!

I would guess Becca… or Lacey from before she became a significant secondary character…

Also, completely unrelated: Though I would hate you for it, you should really try to find a way to sample in the chorus of “Give Me Chocolate” as a ringtone for Alice. Even if it’s just some midi “copy” of the harmony.

I’d put my money on Sarah if I’m being honest. She had a “rework” when she was first introduced as I think her hair and skin were too shiny when tiggertoo first showed off the character as a render before she was ever in an actual update. If I remember correctly, she looked like she was always wet.

My money would be on Sarah as well. Her proportions always looked kind of off to me, and she is the only character I occasionally will look at and think she looks odd in the rendering.

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I hear ya. Her proportions always felt like the normal daz having a hard time rendering non thin models without lots of tweaks, photoshop and prayer. And rendering a model that basically only gains in her lower half is not easy with something like daz, but it never felt off to me personally. I think it was always face and maybe hair related for me.

That said I agree that when she first was a new character, Sarah was the only character to me that felt like she was “not from the same game” to me. Meaning something about her looks to my eye made her stand out in a not positive way in scenes. I know this sometimes happens with older gen models because of their lack of graphical fidelity compared to new gen models. This eventually passed for me, and I’m used to her within the game and scenes and no longer feel the same way.