The Weighting Game - WIP

I think a car could work with restricted camera angles like in a comic sequence where there doesn’t need to be a complete scene for each image in the panel. I think that a full widescreen image featuring a car and a very fat woman is basically just impossible in daz3d unless you’re intentionally making it look silly on purpose.

A lot of car shots though even for thin girls are like, man’s face, car window, blurry scenery, swap back to girl’s face other car window blurry scenery.

I don’t think that style would fit your game at all, as your game doesn’t have the camera angle changing every time the speaker changes between alice and the MC.

It’s also sort of a boring way to give a plot the allure of motion. They’re trying to trick their reader into thinking the plot is moving along nicely, by theming the scene around traveling in a car… but… like that doesn’t work at all in a VN. It only works on like tv or in movies because in film… there really IS constant motion when the scene is literally moving.

A VN is more like an illustrated novel than it is like a movie. So, I do not think this sort of cheap trick makes sense. If alice and the MC go somewhere, they just ARRIVE, blammo, that’ll get the plot moving, just skip the pointless plot device.


I guess its a guessing game if Das Amigos or I guessed plot points correctly lol but I’m glad to hear from you and glad you’ve liked the community feedback and ideas


I’ve just finished the game and must say there’s a lot to be impressed with. Like most people I’d like to share my thoughts about it. Mainly… Hannah.
When I came across this character during the early stages I was excited by her whole package. I enjoyed that the PC was initially guarded, it made sense, he doesn’t like smoking - he’s in an new relationship - she comes on a bit strong, but at this stage I was ready to switch entirely to Hannah.

She’s set up beautifully to contrast with Alice, no doubt everyone is a little frustrated and unfulfilled with Alice at this stage, so when the PC continuously declines her advances I’m like ‘Bro, get in there!’’ She’s got all the vices so I dared to hope that I’d get to make food her new addiction. I thought the PC would start to see her long term value if he played his cards right. Surely a little cigarette smoke is a small price to pay to see what happens to a girl like Hannah when she embraces her gluttony and switches to beer. Hannah is always great but I’d have liked to see her personality rewarded at the start to see a very different progression.


I have some ideas. I’m sorry if some of the ideas are already in the game, I still haven’t finished the game.


  • It would be great to have additional scenes like a shower scene since we already see Alice with a towel in the gym. It would be nice that the MC and Alice can shower together and maybe even more.

-Since Alice is one that like to indulge when eating, it would be good to participate in a eating contest (maybe dessert since she loves chocolate). Even it can include another character like Becca and Hannah since they want you. The three of them competes to see which can eat more. Maybe they can make a bet of some kind that includes the MC.

Other Characters:


  • Since she is the type that wants the MC and will do anything. I read in the comments and it would be great for her to be a cam girl or even an bbw model. She even invites the MC to the events like bikini shoots, signatures booth, cosplay, etc and can happen some malfunctions that the MC can view.

-While she enjoys to be fed by the MC. Make more scenes like being fed on the work, in the park or even your house with or without Alice. Maybe in some of the feeding session her clothes gets riped. It can reach a point that she is to heavy to work and decides to only work remotely. And she ask the MC to be her feeder and gets paid.

Waitress(Sorry that I don’t remember the name)
-Since she has problems living with the landlord, by coincide there’s a house sale in the MC street and becomes your neighbor. You can view her when she picks up the newspaper or you can visit her and you see her eating sweets like the cake on the cafe. As you progress with her, you will see her that she keeps gaining weight and maybe falls for you since you accept her as she is.

-Another idea is that while Alice gets to meet the other girls, she might accept them for a feeding session and the MC can feed them.

I have played this game for a while and want to congratulate you for doing an awesome game. This is one of my favorite games.


Will reply to all these when i get my pc back… its currently at the local computer store, hopefully getting the overheating issue fixed!