The Wizardry College v0.5 - A college management game

Yeah, that’s pretty funny. IQ will be important for events, really, so if you want gold from killing a dragon, winning a duel, go ahead.

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Hmmm, which stat are you referring to?

Hahaha, I like this line. I might actually include it in the game.

Really confused on how you’re supposed to overthrow the theologians.

  1. What stats determines whether the students will help you or not (and what thresholds are needed too)
  2. How do you make the students better at fighting than the theologians? Struggled with this one a lot, as I wanted to overthrow them but to do so I had to lower their approval, and most of the actions I chose which lowered their approval also made the students quite fat
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Combat ability, can’t you do a stat check so that if the number is negative it subtract’s itself so that it becomes 0 again

well managed to win againts the Chief P.
really liked that in order to get the win you have to take care of IQ. makes the games more challenging since you can’t just make money and forget about others aspects of the school.
the only thing i found weird is that after defeating her, you are still bribing the new CP, so it eats your budget even tho you “won back the bribes” after defeating the CP

The happiness of the students decides it. You need 80 for their support. If you urgently need their support, you can throw a feast to make them happy

This is a good question. I guess you need to do two things. On the one hand, you should keep the Chief Priestess fat, which makes her weaker. On the other hand, you should probably keep the student IQ high, so that they deal significant damage. In theory, giving an annual speech about studying should also help in the short run (but this might be bugged in the current version)

Oh, yeah, that’s one option, but I thought dealing a negative damage is fun, so I left it be for now…

Good point. I will fix it in the next version.

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It seem like the game slows down after some months, mostly in transitions between passages.
It might be due to a lot of variables being cloned for each new passage to allow back and forth in time History.
Reducing the max stored passages will help reduce lag in later stages. In Story JavaScript
Config.history.maxStates = 20; // Max number of passages stored

Another change that could smoth a lot of administration down time as you navigate the pages.
“College” => “Office” => “Food” => “Office” => “College”

woulnd’t reduce memory usage but will speed changing between those passages is adding a tag to all administration passages and a CCS rule like:
transition: none;
or reducing the fade time
transition-duration: 0.2s; //should be tested to see how much time feels right

Thanks for the suggestion! You are very good at twine I guess!

I am indeed worried about the lag due to extensive copying of the variables, and I will try your suggestions.

nah, i’m not really good, i just know a bit of other programing languages

A silly idea I had: what if negative spell damage = fattening an opponent?
aka if you manage to make your opponents’ health reach like 5x or more than its starting value, they lose the fight

That’s an interesting idea. Number’s a bit high but seems like a clever way to implement the old “overhealing wg” trope.


I like this game, but wanted to ask if you could make it so the “dealing with theologian issues” could have a monthly payment modifier for the long term? I had to keep spending my months paying them instead of building an economy causing my money to stagnate to death.

also, I think there’s a bug in 0.5v that if you sell the gym to the Corps, they won’t do anything with it, but when they own the food court they can even if they don’t own it, don’t know if anyone mentioned it so I wanted to include it here.

Lol, this is a funny idea; let me consider it hahaha

hmmm, i see. this is a bad bug if true. let me check once I have time

Great game so far! I’d love to contribute if you end up open sourcing.

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Quick bug to report: if you click “expected weight change” and then “Back” at the month end summary, you end up skipping a month. Doing it multiple times causes you to skip multiple months. I did it 3x and went from month 6 to month 9 by accident once.

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Oh! This is a difficult bug to catch! Thanks for letting me know