Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim (v.0.3.0 with Sakura and Patrizia's scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public)

Sorry to be a bother but when is the 2.0 version going to be available for us “commoners” (again sorry for asking)

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Quick question with Sakura, not sure if I got the full experience with her. Anything happen aftergot her to complain about internet trolls ans diet a few times, now she’s just permanently not in her house.

@loljuicepwn es, that’s the end of her current content. Though I’ll re-add more of her dialogue for the debugged version.

Her not being in the apartment means that she gained enough to trigger the next stage: however the scene and new sprites haven’t been developed yet.

@Texas welcome to the forums! No need to apologize. Truth is: I don’t know yet. I do want to make early builds public at some point to show how the game works beyond the intro and allow more players to enjoy it, but I don’t know how that will affect support for development on Patreon. At this moment, I want to be cautious since I’m still recovering from the expenses needed to make the game while tentatively hoping to save in the months ahead and invest in a new GPU, so I can speed up the process of rendering images.


I enjoyed this update. I look forward to future updates.


Figured I would also point out - things got really weird once Sakura was no longer at home. It asking me to buy pastries while I’m at her door, her sprite appearing on the bed while outside in the hall, etc. I’m sure this is probably just a result of this part of the game not getting built out yet, but figured I would mention it in case you were not aware :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing it out! I didn’t know about that one. If it’s what I think it is (same as Georgina popping up with her white stool in Wereaburger), it’s fixed for v.0.2.2. However I’m gonna test it with Sakura too just to make sure :+1:


How is 0.2.2 different from 0.2?

It should just be bug fixes. There is a new 3.0 on patreon now though that added some new content for Sakura and Patrizia.

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Hi to all. It’s been a while since I wrote in this thread and the game has been progressing. As @Krodmandoon mentioned, v.3.0 is out now and it brings three transformation scenes: two for Patrizia and one for Sakura.

Aside from that, I’ve realized that the first demo doesn’t really show players what gameplay will be like in current and future updates so, after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to make v.0.2.2 a public release. You can download it by visiting the link on the first post.

What’s new for v.0.3.0:

  • Two dating locations (Wereaburger & Grotten Spoils).
  • Three new transformation scenes. IMPORTANT: If you are a Patron and download v.3.0, you should know the scenes are triggered after reaching a weight milestone, and by calling the characters during the evening or night.
  • A call system with information about the characters.

I’ll be using the weekend to fix any bugs reported.

I hope you enjoy it!


I’m wondering a bit, is 0.3.0 the august version or the july version? Also for that matter are you trying to hit monthly updates? Also if you’re killing yourself to try to meet that goal maybe you should aim for bi-monthly instead?

If you wanted to maintain value you could do a sort of tick-tock strategy. Maybe like monthA multiple polls. Then monthB update and zero polls.

Of course I’ve never ran a patreon and you weren’t looking for advice, so feel free to not read this message :smiley:

3.0 released in August it’s original aim would of been July but that would of been likely the last week or so of July as @eltipito42 had personal matters to tend to that slowed progress of the update.

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I would also say that monthly would give your self more time to not get to pressured into meeting the deadlines.

IT might help With not crushing your creative flow.

But on another wat is dat i dont Mind IT staying monthly because the more the better :heart_eyes: its such a high quality game (from what i Saw With the first demo)

But all in all i cant wait to play the free demo :heart_eyes: (2.2)

Keep up the good work

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You can play 2.2 now it’s linked in the first post. If you were aware but just expressing excitement for something you haven’t played yet then, forgive my misunderstanding.

It says an unexpected error occuired when i gift something to Eudora and it suddenly closes it also happens when i gift a cake to Lola but it doesn’t closes at Lola you can rollback it

Thanks for the advice: actually, what you suggested is something that I’ve been wondering about in the last week.

On one hand, since I had already made the commitment to create a monthly update, I felt I owed it to supporters to deliver a new build relatively on time. They had payed to receive the benefit and I think it would have been disrespectful to keep postponing it (despite feeling that the game needed some more tweaking). That said, I’d definitively have liked more flexibility.

On the other hand, at this stage in development, I feel like adding content + one stage for one character is generally doable. July was a sort of perfect storm: I chose to do a surprise “double update” (more content for Sakura) early in the month, which I knew would be more work. Then, half way through that plan something else came up: I had to travel and substantially put time aside to be there for someone in my family.

With both things in mind, I think I’m going to continue to aim for monthly updates for the time being. I know that the game might inevitably grow to the point where I’ll have to reexamine this and make updates bi-monthly, given the amount of content/debugging needed, but I’ll talk about it when it gets there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. Thanks for reporting this. I’m working on fixing it for both v.0.2 and v.0.3 right now. However, just FYI neither Edie or Lola have much content yet, aside from a handful of lines, in case you were hoping to trigger a scene :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Might be an unpopular opinion but I know I’m all for more fleshed out updates. Georgia’s update was great and while maybe not complete or final iteration of how the early stages will play out. It felt like a much more complete iteration of the path than either Sakura or Patrizia. Which for me was much more enjoyable to play. (Which is saying something as I think Patrizia was my fav when your project was first announced but Georgia has left an impression on me.)

The problem I see from other games or devs is of course we as an audience will always want more fat and weight gain. And might even expect more progress towards that each time. There are some games on the forums that try to fulfill that need without taking the time to fill in the in between bits with the notion that it will be filled in at some point. I know I personally would be okay with waiting longer between updates if it meant a more complete iteration of said girls path for that update.

I think it’s always harder to go back and in things in at a later date while still trying to make progress from a weight gain and story perspective. I know someone like @tiggertoo was worried about reworking parts of their early game and having an update that made no “progress” in either weight gain or story. The fear being of course, that it might not sit well with fans. But I will say it was probably my favorite update to see so many characters and bits added to the early game experience and it completely changed how the game felt. Still I know this was a hard choice to go back and do and only happened much later in development for them.

So I for one would welcome a longer dev time if it would benefit you. Make it easier to achieve the update the way you envisioned it without having to make any “deadlines”.


I generally second this. I haven’t played 0.3.0 yet (I’m waiting for the bug fix to be released before playing), so this is spoken mainly from a general perspective. I don’t mind waiting at all for longer updates between releases in a game like this. If it was a text adventure or something like that I would feel differently, but the quality on this game has so far been really high. I would much rather take the time to keep that quality super high (as that is what sets this game apart from others in this space) than rush out new content to keep to a specific timeline of launches.

That said, I understand that finances wise it probably makes more sense to have monthly updates to keep patreons, so do what you have to do! I should just make it clear that the quality and polish of this game is what sets it apart (much like the Weighting Game), so keeping that high level is what will keep this game as one of the best on the forum.


Had some thoughts on the update that don’t really fit into bugs as they are just impressions, opinions, and ideas.

The update is overall great considering the limited time and hiccups that would have happened in the time of development and things being kind of spilt between two girls. I think with the consideration that more content will be added the pacing of progression feels correct on Georgina and Sakura at this stage. However, Patrizia is a bit grindy right now I assume this will get fixed or balanced. I could get through both Sakura and Georgina’s entire sets of content compared to Patrizia.

There really needs to be a way to go from the office work area to the HR or at least Wanda’s desk. Having to go out and then pick going back to the work building at times is an extra step and it feels bad at times. Since with no inventory and the number of times you go to pick up food you sometimes will have food on you without needing to go out anywhere if you are looking to give a gift.

I really enjoy the dialogue that is present in game, and I appreciate the changing in responses to the MC as the girls’ weight increases in-between actual transformation stages. Patrizia has a good amount of this, and it is a nice little touch to show the changing of mentalities and viewpoints of the girls even as they are not visually changing at that point (plus the food orders that change between all the girls as weight increases). It would be nice to see a bit more of it in certain dialogue options or other girls’ routes. Even if it is not more changes per stage but just more occurrences of it happening within routes, I think it’s a nice touch and one I have always loved in games like this. This also applies to the extra options that pop up within the same points of talking to said girl. It’s a nice touch that lets things start to get more fetishy or showing of the MC’s preferences.

Since Patrizia is the only girl with a route available that doesn’t have access to her “favorite” food as a gift it would be nice if at least during lunch time the MC could access the cafeteria at work to purchase or grab some lasagna since Patrizia states it’s her favorite. I’m unsure if gifting a girl, a favorite food at this point does anything but I would assume it should raise weight or affection higher then non favorite items if I would guess what you were going for.

Oswald is mentioned multiple times during Sakura’s route, but it feels like we are missing the original context. I assume they are her PR or like talent management. A scene being added in (like with the introduction of Georgina’s sister) I think should happen between the Oswald bits to give us an idea of who this is. Unless they won’t matter for long as I am assuming Oswald is not going to keep liking Sakura’s expanding assets. In that case we should at least hear mention of them maybe the first time we come to hang out and play some games. To give us an understanding of who they are.

It would be nice to maybe encounter some of the girls in random places as you are let’s say going to pick up a gift for a girl, on your way to work, coming back home. It would be cool to see some events pop up that give you an opportunity to score some affection points, chat, or maybe treat a girl to a snack when you go out. Since you are going so often to pick up stuff at the wereaburger or cafe (or on your way home, going to Chez Cochon, etc.) I would assume this is an obvious thing that you are planning on doing at some point since so many of the girls and locations are intertwined or very close to one another.

Overall, I think it’s a good update for what is here, I enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing things progress and get more fleshed out.


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