This place is cool

Hi everyone. I’m not exactly new here at this point, I stumbled on this site somehow early this year while recovering from a minor surgery, extremely bored and probably in a drug-induced stupor. But I figured I’d take a moment to say that I think this a great community where even someone like me who is too afraid to participate beyond lurking elsewhere actually finds himself commenting and supporting projects like it’s no big deal. I’m grateful to not feel like the only person interested in weight gain and fats themed games and admire the creators who actually share their work. I used to be something of a visual artist but the most I do these days is make weight gain sequences using CC3 for my own amusement. I wish I knew anything about programming to make a game, but my ADD doesn’t make learning new skills easy to focus on lol.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for being cool and making cool stuff.


Welcome aboard! Here’s hoping you pick up a couple of things and get a chance to show off your skills sometime. :+1: