Tower of Heaven, a dedicated rp server with a long legacy

Hello! Back in 2017/2018 I hosted an rpg-based dedicated rp server! It went well for a while but fell apart because of my inexperience and lack of support. And now recently I have reopened it after pondering about it for over a year, I have come up with 100 floors of storytelling and kinky fun, and am opening it up for all of you guys! At the moment the main kink is WG, but others are welcomed too! That being said,

may heaven grant you fortune.


Just to make sure I understand the idea for this, this is a 100-floor dungeon that you’re running against multiple PCs at once? Like a big text MMORPG?

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Definitely a cool place with potential, I enjoyed it so far personally

So people in the server don’t mind me writing things like “she gained weight”

yes, exactly that pretty much

Edited the server link, also bumping

F3 has been unlocked, first campaign is happening, and over 200 members!

Also a bump,

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