Haven’t finished this yet but been a fun playthrough. It’s a bit repetitive in places sure but I think with the amount of time spent on it and the intent behind the games making, it’s totally understandable. However, that doesn’t really take away from the experience for me. It is written well enough and with likeable, relatable, characters that away repetitive dialogue is not a turn off for me.

If you decide to do more with this in the future id say good luck to ya, you have a great base for something here in my opinion.

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Well done! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Well, you’ve done it. Looks like this may be taking over as my new most anticipated game here. I’m at day 35 currently and astounded by how much content there is for a first release. So excited to see where this project goes!


Thanks for that - that’s certainly some set up! Out of sheer curiosity (no need to answer), what do you use that central vertical one for?

I wanted to use it for reading, but my desk doesn’t allow that. Right now it’s for Utility, that is Discord, Folders, any Website that isn’t currently the main think I look at but instead take side-glances at, music, certain excel sheets, etc.

All, I’ve updated the download with a patch that should remove the debug that was still appearing even when you choose to play with debug off. Nothing’s changed in the story so if you are playing with debug/cheats off just pick up the new version and continue.

Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it. It’s my back-burner project to Yaffaif, but as people seem to like it I’m not going to shelve it.

Thanks! I’m guessing you’ve found the player character’s willpower issues. Those were also fun to write/code, though I did wonder if anyone here would find them.

Awww, thank you! And welcome to the forums! I’d strongly suggest taking a look at @tiggertoo’s The Weighting Game if you haven’t already. It was my inspiration for trying something like this along with the theme for this year’s game jam - wanting to explore things from the other perspective.

@jcc309 has the right answer - once you reach 700lbs there are no more description changes. This would be where the epilogue would start if there was one.

I’m glad you liked it! I wanted it to be hot without being “dirty” and getting into the whole what-goes-where too much, leaving that to the reader’s imagination (which would probably do a much better job than I could).

The gain is only slightly unrealistic, so, yes, it’s going to take a long time to reach the end (without cheats)! There are a lot of subtle variations to things along the way though.

What you are looking at is a little over two weeks work when I was mainly in so much pain I was curled up in bed with my laptop, unable to eat or sleep much (I have Crohn’s), and not sat at my desk where I work on Yaffaif! Having a lot of experience coding in other languages certainly helped.

I’m glad you and other people have said they like the characters too! I definitely wanted then to feel “real” (rather than fetishy from the outset) and not feel like the wg element was forced upon them but can fall out of the situation.

Thank you! I honestly wasn’t expecting the reaction this has got.

No pressure then? :sweat_smile: Thank you though, that’s good to hear, and welcome to the forums! It is going to be a back burner project but with what everyone has been saying it will be seeing some progress - just don’t hold your breath.


Played a bit more last night and while I’m waiting for my next class I figured I’d give some notes.

  • First off, I really like your writing style. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it feels a lot more lively than the writing for a lot of other similar games, which makes the loop nature of the game a lot less annoying.

  • As others have said, Sofia is really good. You nailed it with that character. I sort of accidentally romanced both her and Steve but she’s by far the better character imo. Kinda wish I could go back and turn down Steve cause he does seem to show up a lot. At least he always brings food I guess lol. So maybe a breakup option would be worth adding?

  • Overall I think you did a great job putting in enough events at regular intervals to spice up the loop. Hope to see more events in the future cause all of them so far are great!

  • My biggest criticism (and honestly considering it’s the first version it’s not that big of a deal) is the lack of variety in locations but all the locations that are there are really top notch with great flavor text. If you do add more locations it’d be nice to have some that offer stuff besides food. Maybe a clothing store or a community centre (this one would be a good hub for events. Some potlucks, fundraising dinners, all that small town stuff).

  • If you add more places to get food, it might be a good idea to make them different from the sit down restaurants. Not necessarily different in function but just in how the stuffing is written. For example a grocery store where you go through and buy stuff and then head home and stuff your face. Maybe you become friends with the owner of a candy store or an ice cream shop and there’s an event where she asks you to watch the store for her and you just pig out. Just spitballing ideas to add some variety.

All in all I’m really pumped to play more of it. It’s an awesome game and I can’t wait to see what you add to make it even better.


Thinking about it today: The only feature I would want adding is the ability to fatten the other denizens.
Literally the only thing I can think of, this is that well-done.


Easily one of my most favorite games on here that I’ve seen in the past year.


Agreed with the other responses. The characters and the writing style definitely just do it for me. It all feels realistic while still having plenty of fetish material to work with. That goes a long way.

It does get repetitive once you get to probably the 400 pound mark, and I did find myself just stepping through the code to get the descriptions for higher weight stages instead of playing through to gain 100 pounds. That is likely just a function of the amount of time that has so far been devoted to the game - I would assume that if you put more time into the game those higher weight stages will be more fleshed out with more things happening.

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Thank you! This sort of comment means a lot to me. Also, thanks for the detailed response! I’ll kind of touch on a few things:

This is actually in game already. He’ll start niggling you about your weight eventually, and then you’ve a number of choices. Obviously the game leads you in to romance with Steve as he’s the first potential partner you meet and sets you up for the different world view of those two.

I’ve ideas for locations that are not (directly) food related. A clothing store is on the hit list (mentioned in passing in Steve’s tour). A Community Centre is a great idea: I wanted somewhere to pin a lot of infrequent events to, but had only really come up with the idea of a church, and that wouldn’t easily fit with the PC’s background, and had was also somewhere I didn’t want to go as it could be controversial.

I did start looking into this, but it isn’t exposed in the text anywhere; the game is silently tracking Sofia’s weight though…

Thank you! I honestly wasn’t expecting these responses.

Thank you again. I was aiming for something that wasn’t overtly fetishy, but where it sort of fell out of the situation and the characters.

There’s a number of factors here. In anticipation of eventually having art I needed to limit the number of stages (ie. the number of variants of the PC that would have to be drawn for each scene). The earlier stages are closer together, as things would be more visible initially. Later stages are further apart, and that probably won’t change. At the moment many things are tied to this notional graphical weight stage, but intermediate text changes can happen; their are already some.

As the PC’s capacity and greed increase you can gain faster, but right now the week-day events leave limited opportunity. The plan would be for that to change such that you could advance through those stages faster (like the greed-based double-main in the bar). I don’t have a concrete idea what that would look like yet though.


one thing i noticed was i didn’t engage with Steve until letting him buy me a beer but soon it cut to me having a relationship with me sharing a pizza with him. with no context leading into that.

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Turning him down works, but just sharing a beer once (even after turning him down) assumes a relationship again.

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I did start looking into this, but it isn’t exposed in the text anywhere; the game is silently tracking Sofia’s weight though…

Hot. Damn.


i turned him down every single time AND even broke up w him, and I’m still getting Steve dialogue. talk ab clingy :roll_eyes:

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Thanks! I’m guessing you’ve found the player character’s willpower issues. Those were also fun to write/code, though I did wonder if anyone here would find them.

my only wish is that could start and execute the diets on my own terms though.
I really like what’s in there now! Just like in Yaffaif.
The losing weight struggle is too often overlooked and underappreciated piece of weight play.
For reasons like well… “Having something to lose”, it increases the steaks.
(a mechanic im working out in my own project)

Its a fun fight against sofia’s onslaught of food and steves remarks.
A fight i like to lose, dont get me wrong.
But losing weight still very much a possible thing to do at a reasonable pace compared to gaining.
And I, hopefully not alone, appreciate that very much!

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I hope you keep updating this game its my favorite right now! The one question i have is how do i move in with Sofia?


Sometimes idk what day but when it’s at 23:00 on say like Sunday, it changes to 23:00 on Monday so it skips monday

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What weight do you stop getting new dialogue on?

Haha yep no pressure indeed. To follow up on what others were saying regarding the debug text appearing regardless of your “purity”, there’s a few debug texts other than the missing backgrounds. So far, I’ve noticed debug text:

  1. At the end of your standard lunch meal when working
  2. Midnight fullness check
  3. When entering the bar at dinner, displaying lacy’s feed true/false status and meal size.