tsap here, introducing

Like many folks I think it is polite to say at least a word or two upon joining a forum. So, hi to everyone.
Kilif I know best by his old nick Vilified for playing his old WG-game - one of the few I ever learned to change in any way. (Minor changes for my own amusement, not for anyone else. I may be stupid, but not total jerk, so I respect people who make games) What a great game! I still grieve about the time there was no new version for me to admire. Played the 0.33.1 a couple of years, but dropped it finally. Drooled several months after Heavy dust but I am an old guy, so there’s only so much saliva left. I never found the game but I wrote all this s*** just to tell you that I know quite well what Kilif can do. Much, much respect for him.
Dohavocom’s work I noticed on FM:s site, naturally, and played some as well. Truly impressive! Unfortunate for me, I am an ass-person in so many ways - lol - so I had to write a few lines there to see if I could grasp the pretty well-described system. Turned out I needed many trials and efforts to add the simplest butt-growth, so it is perhaps not quite my type of game either.
Played Yaffaif’s great game a bit, but even his generous advice about debug was just a bit too brief for me. The game is quite potent IMHOP, so I do hope there will be new versions some day.
Perhaps best I am aware of Atticus Arc’s work. Unfortunately he knows ME quite well, too. I am the idiot who spams his game-site with shamefully over-long comments, so be warned you game-makers. I truly appreciate your work and at times I am carried away trying to express my admiration - trough serious language barrier.

It bothers me ina buch of ways that you can’t actually get a fat ass in FM. The description file is there but it just…there isn’t any fat calculation for it or anything. I’ve thought about adding that feature in but it’s difficult because bellies are my primary (and like secondary and tertiary) fetish so it’s hard to write anything for other body parts without sounding like a teenager writing a fanfic. Hell maybe my belly stuff does but i can’t really judge that haha.

Anyway thanks for the compliment and welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums friend, and don’t worry I’ve always enjoyed your enthusiasm. Plus, the language barrier has never been so bad, I think I’ve mostly gotten the point of every message and replied in kind (at least I hope as much, ha!)
Thanks for signing on with us

I’ll always feel bad about not handling Heavy Dust correctly, but it was too big of a project and I was in too dark a place when trying to work on it. The world and promises of HD are definitely getting absorbed by the Arrautza engine work, but I burned a lot of goodwill with my original attempt. Always happy to see someone that sill has a bit o’ faith in me. I don’t intend to have it being misplaced this time around.