Turris Puesco: An Introduction

Game Website: https://cryptic.isnot.moe

Lead Developer: Cryptic

Lead Writer: Droark

Description: Turris Puesco is a browser-based RPG that caters to those with a fetish for feederism, bbw/bhm and weight gain. In addition to classic text-based dungeon crawler mechanics, there will be an emphasis on interactions with the game world that change according to your character’s weight. Features planned include a mercenary system, allowing you to micromanage a team of NPCs to conquer dungeons for you, a relationship system that allows you to subtly (or not-so-subtly) influence NPCs to gain weight for you, a server-wide market system allowing you to buy and sell items from other players with in-game currency, and possibly more multiplayer options in the future depending on how desirable they are to the player base.

Introduction: Hello everyone! I am Cryptic, creator of the game formerly known as WGRPG.net or Cryptic is Not Moe. I figured it was time to sit down and map out a proper story for my game so here it is. With the help of my wonderful writer Droark, we came up with the name Turris Puesco for our game, and the following backstory:

Turici is a small port city with little to its name. It's not a trade hub, font of natural resources, nor has it birthed any famous poets or other notables. However, it does have one thing, and that's the Tower. Created by a mad witch millennia ago, it is fabled to hold vast treasures for any brave enough to plumb its heights, and any who reach the top are said to have their wildest dreams come true.

Turici began as a simple adventurer’s camp for those brave enough to strike at the tower. It flourished as more and more brave hopefuls arrived on the scene looking to claim riches of their own. Before long, a thriving city was born around the tower, and was even named ‘Tall Tower’ or Turici in the old tongue.

Those days are long past however, as some great tragedy struck 200 years ago, shutting the tower tight and causing all the wealth that had poured from it to dry up. Needless to say today Turici is but a shadow of its former glory. In a last ditch effort to save the town’s economy, the desperate town leaders reopened the tower dubbed “Turris Puesco” to any and all mercenaries to explore. This is where you come in, an up and coming local looking to get your piece of the riches.

However, it would appear as though the dangers that shut the tower years ago have not been distinguished. Rumors have begun to surface that the mad witch of the tower has awoken and wishes to use the local population for her own devices. Knowing this, will you put your life on the line and brave the tower?

Thank you!

Are you planning on having any procedural elements? Perhaps doing something diabloesque to have things worth to trade between players

I’m a bit new to game design paradigms, so I apologize if I’m not answering this correctly. I’ve heard of procedural dungeon generation which is something I want for my game, yes. It’s a bit complicated but something I’m willing to invest time into learning.

In regards to other elements of the game, I’m not exactly sure what procedural elements would refer to. I’m planning on adding enemy modifiers which will be prefix/suffixes that add stat boosts to the enemy (for example, “Fierce Goblin” where Fierce is the modifier and adds +5 str) and these mobs have a random chance of occurring in an enemy encounter and will drop enchanted gear. The tutorial gives you armour which is an example of enchanted gear, where the “Fattening” prefix makes the player gain 1-3 pounds per tick while the gear is equipped and the “Eternally Binding” suffix makes it impossible to unequip the armour until the enchant is removed (a UI override which actually disables the unequip button), though the armour adjusts to any weight gained or lost. The next update will include an NPC in the town that removes enchants from your currently equipped armour but eventually I’m going to add an Enchant skill so the player can do all of this themselves. I believe adding the enchant system to the mix will make the market more exciting to use since it’ll provide more variants of gear rather than the same things being bought and sold.

Question, is there a new download? The last version I have is the 0.33.1, and I just wanted to know.

I think you have the wrong thread since there’s no download for my game.


I think the confusion is that the old thing I made awhile ago was also called WGRPG.

That project has long been discontinued.

[quote=“kilif, post:7, topic:700”]I think the confusion is that the old thing I made awhile ago was also called WGRPG.

That project has long been discontinued.[/quote]

Blame Ano since he called it WGRPG.net in the bbwchan thread. : P It kind of stuck since there was nothing else to indicate what the name could be aside from the cat logo (which is really just a picture of my cat Dusty).

I just love how I unwittingly caused a tiny bit of chaos and confusion around the world.

I know it is not much, but let me live my dream…(Imagines himself as a mad butterfly creating hurricanes)

Ano, the little butterfly flying about from person to person, creating hurricanes and blowing their plans and sanities away. Chaos Butterfly Ano!

I forgot to ask, do you want me to change the name of this board to reflect the new name of the project?


I THINK that the site link is broken…

I’m getting the same timeout when attempting to reach the server. If the URL had changed let me know.

The problem is the person who gave me that subdomain on their VPS was an anon from bbwchan. Even their isnot.moe domain is timing out too so it could be he stopped paying to keep the server up. I can try sending them an email to find out what happened, that’s the only way I can contact them, though it may have been a throwaway email.

Well, the instance you have running on here is still working. I could possibly redirect the website to it, unless you wanted to keep that one just for testing purposes.

It looks like it’s back up now. I do love the isnot.moe domain so I’ll prolly stay on it as long as its still up, but assuming the game enters a “full release” state I’ll need to import the production database to the weightgaming server cuz I don’t want the isnot.moe server to randomly go down and lose all player data lol

Hate to ask, but is this still being worked on?

Eventually yes but currently I’m in Italy and away from the desktop I do development on. I’ll be back on the 20th.

I’m really stupid for asking this, but where is the download link?