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I was wondering what kinds of things people would like to see or feel is missing from twine games that I could try and include in my next game. Seeing as there are a lot of possibilities with how a twine game could play out it would be cool to include as many variables as possible.

For the main theme, it would probably be weight gain related (obv) but are there any other fetishes or kinks that people would like to see?


As seen in my poll, I am really hoping for stuff like “consequences for giving in” or “action based transformation”.

Stuff where you have either some temptation, which when seduced by, causes some transformation or stuff like a curse that causes a small bit of transformation for the most mundane things.

There is one story I really like, where a witch reveals to her boyfriend or husband that she is a witch, is into WG and they agree to have him try it out for a day by causing his steps to add one pound each to him among other things.

Talking about other fetishes, I really like the idea of some kinda pop or idol concert made for the express purpose of softcore femdom mind control.
I just really like the idea of being totally lost in the moment, slowly seeing how everyone else goes quiet, then realizing you yourself cannot make a sound anymore.

This can obviously also be combined with WG.

Another one, as seen in my profile pic right now (slightly chub-buff smug wendys incase I change it later) is fast food chains oriented around making people bigger. What I always like to imagine is a franchise, where the employees get a bonus for the total positive weight difference of their regulars.


Thanks, those are all really interesting ideas that I bet I could have a lot of fun implimenting!

If I may suggest another scenario: day-to-day life of a person living in the world of cookie clicker. One day, cookies are a bit cheaper overall, suddenly, they have a daily minimum of cookies to eat as their patriotic duty.


One could even flip that role to that of a feeder where your goal is to produce cookies or something else for a group of people that get exponentially bigger!


Cookie Feeder

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I’ve made a little prototype for a ‘cookie feeder’ game just to see how easy it would be: Idle Game Maker

It is fairly minimalistic and has no pictures but it’s a good prototype I think!


Certainly gives a good idea of how it works. BTW, I dont know what happened, but I can no longer access non-https orteil links so if you could keep that in mind, that would be awesome.

I was thinking about working out some math for calories and having a day-to-day process that slowly makes use of that calculation, while in the background some average cookie clicker session increases the amount of available calories to levels that inevidably lead to immobility. Maybe that could be the prestige point, where you can spend “broken couches” or something on raising the upper mobility limit.

What do you think?

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It would be good to have perhaps a slower calorie increase and then a prestige like that. I’d like to add images that represent the size of the person as your calories or fat increase too.

Maybe you don’t have access because you’re using a non-google chrome browser? That was my issue. I’m not sure how to make it any over way but if you do that’s cool.

Its fine when I add an “s” to the http, just confusing and documenting it if others have the same issue.

I am pretty sure, there are rules for not including nudity on that site, so you would need to be careful. I have somewhat sorted my collection, so if you need something from categories like “eating”, “fast food employee” or similar, I can provide.

Could also ask if there is that theorized fatty asset collection yet or if the fatty starbound sprites are free to use for other projects.

That would be good, the only issue I have is actually writing it into the file as I have to pull images from URLs in order to have them in the game. There is probably an easier way to do it but I don’t have much coding experience.

Deviantart and several other sites have (so far) basically free hosting of smaller files like that through and so on.

Oh ok, well that makes things a lot easier, thanks!

I have been thinking about the idle game stuff.

It would still be a tool to spur the imagination, so it should be important to be able to create scenarios.
Thinking “I sure do love eating a whole cake every day” has a whole different punch, when there is a game, telling you exactly how much you weigh as you munch away slices.

Therefore I think, that the player should somehow be able to start with one of any building or upgrade after a prestige, determined through a value that is kept track of in the background. In a normal idle game, that would be broken, but this is not quite normal now, is it?

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