Uh... hi?

I’m Revolvio, I guess?

I came here after following some breadcrumbs from Impossiblesnail’s Super Fatty RPG from FA to here, and with the surge of amazing expansion game demos popping up and all of the stuff here, I decided to pop in to compliment everyone’s work.

I’d prefer to not give away a lot about myself, but I’ll explain my interests that are relevant to this forum; I love myself some expansion. I lean a lot closer to full-body inflation and fruit inflation (blueberries aren’t the only round fruit, y’know), but I can get down with some weight gain if it makes’em nice, round and ginormous.

My only contributions to the greater inflation initiative so far are written prose, and fanfiction at that. You can find such works here, though you’ll need an account because of my content ratings (gotta play it safe).

I will say that I’m currently in school and thus probably won’t be able to contribute much to this forum beyond comments and suggestions. I have ambitions for games I want to make, but right now they are but a distant dream.

All of that said, I’m liking this party so far. Mind if I join?

Welcome Revolvio! Happy you are liking what you see thus far :slight_smile: And ofcourse you can join! As long as you are 18 or over we welcome everyone to enjoy expansion based games with us.

Well, I fill out that criteria. It’s a good thing I’m at least the right height for this ride.