Ultimate belly shapes and sizes infographic (WIP) - what should I do?

Welp, it looked like no one could lend a hand, so I was forced to use some of the low quality ref images I had saved in my files. This is really in need of an update but here is basically what I’ve done so far. There’s spaces missing where I couldn’t find any pics to use as examples:

So this part of the chart is showing what different belly types look on a rectangular body shape (as in no curves, just straight sides). I plan to cover what these features look like on oval, triangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass shaped bodies too. But in the comments below I will be attaching notes to explain what it is you’re looking at so it doesn’t seem like random images sloppily put together

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Column 1 is what a standard rectangular female body type looks like from both the front and side profiles. As you can see, the side-profile is completely flattened, although you can still tell that this is not because the person is slim or toned. The fat just doesn’t stick out.

Column 2 is the same as the 1st column, except a separating crease has been placed between the bottom of the stomach and the beginning of the crotch/pelvic region. The belly in the 1st column does not have a separating crease, making the end of the stomach and beginning of the bikini line harder to pinpoint.

Column 3 is a square shaped belly, which is when the height of the midsection is equal to the width of it.

Column 4 is when a rectangular shaped body develops a more rounded and not flat belly. The 1st side-profile is when the maximum side-length is right in the center, making it roundest near the belly button. Below that is when the max is above the belly button and on the upper stomach, making it rounder there. Below that is when the max is at the lower belly, making it rounder just under the navel. Next is when the side-bottom of the stomach is a slightly curved horizontal line, making the belly look like a rounded right triangle. Then last is when the bottom of the side goes upward making the roundest part of belly point downward

Column 5 is when the belly isn’t as round and is more pointed, almost like a cone. Didn’t include front pics for this cuz it looks the same as others. Same format as column 4. 2nd row pic is side profile, max center. 3rd is max upper, 4th is max lower, 5th is a right angle, and 6th is when the bottom line goes up.

Column 6 & 7 is a combo of columns 4 & 5. 6 is when the upper section (line going from the chest to right above the belly button) is curved and rounded while the lower section (line from right under the belly button down to the crotch) is more flat like a diagonal line. 7 is when the opposite happens and the upper section slopes like a straight line and the bottom is more rounded.

Column 8 is the rare occurrence when the side of the stomach resembles the edge/side of an octagon. With the two extending lines/curves top and bottom, but a flattened front in between.

Column 9 is what I like to call “The Wave” which is when the stomach makes an S-shape and curves inward and outward. The next step after the wave is when the stomach completes 2 waves and makes a crest and trough.