Underrated fat body parts?

Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve made a topic myself, but getting people to talk about fats is always fun, so let’s get to it (and hope this one’s less of a retread of an existing thread than my last was).

What’s an underrated/specific fat body part that you like? Pudgy hands with plump sausage fingers? Fat, pillowy arms? Flabby chins and neck fat stacked like pancakes? When we think of weight gain, the belly, butt, breasts and such are obvious, but for now I want to give some love to more minor, specific areas that can still pack on the pounds. If it’s fat (and something other than the 3 B’s I just mentioned), it’s valid, so I’m looking forward to see what you’ve got to say.


Squishy faces and bingo wings are just so cute man


I’m a strong proponent of extra fat and flabby arms! Many times I see fat art of someone who’s got big/huge Bs, but their face&arms haven’t grown a bit. That’s something of a pet peeve of mine. And, while I understand why this is done, turning those arms into big tires/donuts also kind of irks me a little. It’s more interesting, and enjoyable (at least for me), for someone’s arms to fatten up and sag down a bit more naturally, even at massive blob sizes…


I like ‘em big ol’ jiggly faces and necks a lot. they do get neglected a lot though unfortunately. back fat is also really nice and there is a lot of good stuff because of all the butt art


Nothing sexier that a big, round, squishy face. You also can’t get enough thick flabby legs on tiny feet.


I particularly like the side rolls where the hips meet the torso.


Agreed, if the face and arms are just mysteriously thin despite the character, I find it really unappealing. Also, on the topic of arms on blobs, I personally love the big tire/donut arms. The subject being unable to move their arms at such a huge size, making them totally helpless and dependant, is really attractive. Although, I am interested in seeing example images of what you’re talking about with more “realistic” arm fat at blob sizes. I’m curious as to what exactly you mean, and examples of things I might have seen aren’t really coming to me.

Fat faces are, unquestionably, the best, and don’t even get me started on when they’re on blob-sized fatties. Huge lumps of cheek fat you can grab handfuls of, a big stack of chins, the neck itself just totally disappearing into a thick ring of blubber supporting the head, it’s too much. Cute little squishable bits of back fat are also adorable, too.

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I also like fat upper arms and fat thighs and back fat and also big calves, but the wrists, ankles and knees should be at least not too big - I enjoy the contrast between the smaller parts and the bigger parts the most.

Chubby faces definately

I love it when a girls collarbone is covered in a soft, sensual layer of fat that hides the bone. It just looks so enticing and inviting

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Even though it’s more common then the others, good fatty thighs are so amazing and underrated imo


Pillowy thighs and arms are pretty top notch in my book.