Unrealistic WG and other stuff (poll)

So, there are some discussions that got me curious on the topic, like

At it again with a poll tier of favorite body types.

What is the biggest size you are willing to tolerate?

but these didn’t touch my interest specifically.

I’m not a dev or anything but I figured someone might have use for this information or are just as curious as I am.

The poll

Basically, this survey-ish poll that has 5+7 questions aims to find what are the general preferences when it comes to how a fatty should look like in a game or art: respect physical and physics limitations or throw it all out the window (heck yeah!)

When I say unrealistic, I don’t mean it in a detrimental way. I mean when growth is virtually infinite and fast, calorie intake doesn’t matter because food is food and food fattens, there are no health or mobility concerns (mobility being optional for those that like immobility) and more fat means more height for accommodation, completely disregarding any skeleton that was inside. Not all listed conditions must be met to be considered “unrealistic”.

Just to be extra clear, think of “unrealistic” as something like the old or new SFRPG characters. When not in blob territory, most body parts are somewhat easily distinguishable (mainly booba belly butt and maybe thighs) and the character can still walk on their own thanks to the power of Magic™.

The poll, for real now

Imagine you’re making a game, a 3D model or drawing

Opinion on unrealistic human weight gain
  • That’s the good stuff
  • It’s fine / don’t mind
  • Prefer to stay down to Earth
  • Prefer the one in the poll below

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Opinion on unrealistic non-human weight gain (furry, dragon, anthros etc)
  • That’s the good stuff
  • It’s fine / don’t mind
  • Prefer to stay down to fantasy Earth
  • Prefer the one in the poll above

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Opinion on the fatties’ skin
  • Lots of rolls/folds (realistic?)
  • Smooth as Play-doh (less rolls / no rolls)
  • Indifferent / both

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Opinion on weight gain rate
  • Slow and steady (realistic)
  • Not too fast, not too slow
  • Visible change in real-time (unrealistic)
  • Haha, fattening shake go brrrrr (fastest)
  • No gain, just big
  • Prefer arcadey/Magic™ over all the others (instantaneous)
  • No preference

0 voters

Importance of skeleton integrity and proportion
  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not all that important
  • Never heard of those

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Extra questions

Tangential questions that didn’t seem to fit but are interesting either way

  • Into it
  • Depends
  • Not into it

0 voters

  • Into it
  • Depends
  • Not into it

0 voters

  • Into it
  • Depends
  • Not into it

0 voters

  • Into it
  • Depends
  • Not into it

0 voters

About my definition of “unrealistic” earlier…
  • That without blob or something similar is weird/doesn’t look right
  • No blob or similar for that
  • Indifferent / doesn’t matter
  • Doesn’t apply

0 voters

In a game, what do you prefer?
  • Starting small or big and gaining from there (you or other people)
  • Back and forth between small and big
  • No gaining, I just like playing as/beside thicc characters
  • Other (none of the above)

0 voters

Final question
  • I am a certified realistic enjoyer
  • The sky is the limit… literally
  • Both. Both is good

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Oh hi

This is my first real topic created, so sorry if something got messed up. I’m not used to forum formatting and etiquette. I tried my best to find duplicates too and didn’t really find one, so if I missed it I’m double sorry.
Also, english is not my native language, if grammar is weird then that’s why


I voted for “smooth as play-dough” because I have a strong preference for fewer folds. But I think its worth mentioning that few rolls (at least, on the front) is far from unrealistic.

also as another aside I wish more of these questions were multiple choice.


I think there’s ample room to explore the spectrum between simulating each calorie and ounce of fat derived from it, to “magic fatflation spell goes ‘fwoomp’”. As such it’s good to have variety and cross-related kinks catering to all sorts of interests.

The poll didn’t surprise me until the end, with the salient bit of info being that, regardless of how it happens and at what rate, it’s the “gain” that’s the key. People simply like seeing progress and the transformation into becoming bigger. At the end of the day, it’s about the journey as much as (if not more than) the destination.


Thank you to everyone that voted on the poll so far! I didn’t think there would be so many votes so quickly. The results are quite insightful and a bit surprising in some spots

Yeah, you’re right. The “Opinion on weight gain rate” poll is one that definitely should have been multiple choice, being the one with the most choices.
I only learned that I could set it to multiple choice in the end of the post and completely forgot about that poll… oopsy

But I think its worth mentioning that few rolls (at least, on the front) is far from unrealistic.

Oh… really?
I can’t say I am in the know when it comes to fat appearance in real life so I always kind of treated smoothness like the “anime boobs are unrealistic” way of thinking, but with fat.
Only recently I found someone in real life that is considerably hefty and has a smooth appearance, which made me think it was VERY rare. As I too voted for play-doh, that’s good to know. Good thing I didn’t label that choice as unrealistic haha

Definitely. Tinkering with the idea of balance between the extremes and also the commitment to either side is very interesting to me when it comes to video games. It’s one of the things that inspired me to create this poll

The poll didn’t surprise me until the end, with the salient bit of info being that, regardless of how it happens and at what rate, it’s the “gain” that’s the key.

Only that surprised you???
I personally didn’t expect so much of the results to be so evenly distributed
(that is if the “depends”/“both” type choices don’t mess with the distribution, I don’t have the brains to check on that)

Edit: spelling and clarity

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Coming on to the scene with a poll. You’re after my heart, Friend!

I myself have made some Polls For The Soul with the express purpose of trying to suss out some correlations between those who share our inclinations towards larger waistlines, and your polls are excellent for that purpose! Also, your English is excellent as well!

Here are some of my observations and opinions where it’s relevant:

  1. I find it interesting how those interested mainly in non-human characters’ tastes are more evenly spread on the subject of Unrealistic Weight Gain. Anecdotally, my furry friends’ tastes are more varied, and I think that might play a role in how the poll went the way it did.
  2. There certainly is a large spectrum between completely realistic skin folds and none at all. It goes from someone resembling a puddle all the way to something that resembles Inflation. The difference becomes more exaggerated as the weight increases. I personally am quite ambivalent, but I avoid extremes of both sides most of the time, which aligns pretty closely with the poll.
    • Also, as @MK.IIB said, no folds isn’t necessarily unrealistic until a certain point. It is up to your body’s morphology, which just like many other things is heavily subject to genetics, as well as many other factors that can actually see it change as you grow older, or circumstances in your life change somehow (especially hormonally).
    • I would personally like to add that aesthetically, someone who is very full will have certain qualities that contributes to their “rolls” disappearing. This might be the reason some answer Smooth as Play-Doh, as aesthetically there is some overlap.
  3. I am actually in a major minority in regards to Weight Gain/Weight Gain Speed! I enjoy Weight Gain a lot, but for me it is about the destination, as regards to the journey unlike what the illustrious @AlexKay rightfully pointed out was the majority. That being said, I am mostly ambivalent to the scenario, or speed of the gain, so I answered No Preference. I will say however my bell curve roughly aligns with how the poll went. I’m a sucker personally for time skips over large periods of time, which can technically be considered to be both fast, and slow.
  4. I think the poll about Skeleton Integrity and Proportion, especially taking the previous answers into account, are the most in lock-step with what I thought was the norm. I think a lot tend to sacrifice more and more realism in general as the size goes up, which is natural given the actual realism of something being able to support that much weight inevitably goes up as well.

I like where these polls could lead to with the other developers if they see this so call me curious as to answer the polls.

  1. Not too bothered a bout that part i mean it’s apart of the fetish so it’s going to be obviously expected

  2. this can be a bit of a double edge sword since each race would have their own speed their metabolism works at so keep it at their respected pace.

  3. again i don’t mind both as long as it’s done well and taken advantage of in the setting of the game to great effect.

  4. i don’t mind a quicker pace of WG but not too slow either to give off that you have to earn the size you want to get to.

  5. oh yeah this i feel gets kinda of abandoned by most developers, i think their would be a point where the bones in someones legs would just break Immobilizing them automatically trying to hold up more & more weight as time goes by.

  6. It really depends on the story and how they go about it, Resize me is a perfect example of this since it’s done with a really cool First person perspective & also used in VR for a interactive story i’ll put the link here for those who want to check it out MJ & Aoigai is creating Shrink/Giantess game | Patreon and as an additional note i always thought shrinking could be used along side WG for reasons as to someone wanting to get back at someone without killing them and not spending too much without arousing suspicion.

  7. again Depends, while it’s cool to see it i think it’s been overused by the developers at times, i would like to see it used more circumstantial just to give off a more realistic situation as to why someone is a sea of flab in an entire room.

  8. i’m not the biggest fan of inflation but i can see it’s poetential in a WG game.

  9. Par for the course really when it comes to Weight gaining

  10. I really do like curvy and thicc body shapes/weight quite a bit due to how soft it makes their body appear despite not being so fat to begin with & i do also enjoy seeing slim or just thicc packing on the pounds over time no matter what upto a where mobility serious starts becoming an issue for them (So about 500 - 800 lbs) which basically tolls the demise of their mobility.

  11. ummm… a little confused here for this last question…

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That’s the idea! Thank you for sharing your detailed response to the polls

Why, thank you Stranger! I’m flattered!
It could be said that I’m a fan of yours haha
Your observation on the fullness overlap with skin smoothness caught me off guard, that didn’t cross my mind at all. Good points!

On another note, I find it funny how the 10th poll has less voters than the others, probably because of the confused mess that the question is. Looking at it now, I should’ve replaced that one with a question about “the journey or the destination” explicitly, like the legends @AlexKay and @The_Stranger have observed implicitly in the votes. I don’t even know what it was supposed to mean anymore. I’ll leave it there still but I’ll also leave my thought process here to make me feel less embarrassed, if you all don’t mind

The thought process

Thought process
(Poll ‘About my description of “unrealistic” earlier…’)
Hmm… When only considering size in the unrealistic theme, there’s people that like some room-sized fatties and there’s people that don’t. So this 10th poll doesn’t apply to those that don’t. But… maybe among those that do, there could be different conditions. Like maybe some prefer room sized fatties being “blobby” and some prefer them smoother and rounder. Like realistic unrealism. Someone that fat would surely look like a blob. Maybe that’s a thing. I’ll try to suss that out. Surely this question makes a lot of sense and won’t make a lot of people confused. Imagine that happening. *laughs naively*

Jokes aside, if anyone else wants to respond directly to the polls or point out observations, please do! There’s only so much that a poll this simple alone can tell so every bit that can be added is welcome and encouraged!

Edit: forgot to hide the thing. And I suck at spelling


Color me surprised to see someone link an old post that I only slightly regret making… Anyway, hope the polls helps you get some good info.

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It seems that the votes have settled for now.

I considered closing the polls, but there isn’t any real reason to impede new votes from coming in since this wasn’t made to decide anything of importance and time is not a concern.

That being said, I will transcribe the results here for future reference, in case they change enough to make a difference someday

Poll results as of 21/06/2022 (dd/MM/yyyy, sorry, i don't speak murica)
  1. Opinion on unrealistic human weight gain
    34% don’t mind
    34% the good stuff
    29% prefer down to Earth
    3% prefer non-human
    *160 voters

  2. Opinion on unrealistic non-human weight gain
    29% don’t mind
    29% the good stuff
    22% prefer human
    20% prefer down to Earth
    *154 voters

  3. Opinion on skin
    42% indifferent
    30% pro-rolls
    28% pro-smooth
    *155 voters

  4. Opinion on weight gain rate(not multiple choice for some reason)
    47% not too fast not too slow
    19% slow realistic
    17% visibly fatter by the minute / real-time
    11% no preference
    4% haha shake go brrrrrrr
    1% no gain, just big
    1% arcadey/magic instantaneous
    *160 voters

  5. Importance of skeleton integrity and proportion
    51% somewhat important
    25% very important
    12% never heard of those
    12% not all that important
    *157 voters

  6. Giantism
    46% depends
    45% no
    9% yes
    *158 voters

  7. Blob
    39% depends
    31% yes
    30% no
    *159 voters

  8. Inflation
    40% no
    36% depends
    24% yes
    *158 voters

  9. Stuffing
    77% YES
    20% depends
    3% no
    *159 voters

  10. Do unrealistically big sizes have to be a sea of flab / blobby
    39% no / don’t care
    25% no
    21% yes
    15% doesn’t apply to me
    *130 voters
    OP’s regret: 100%

  11. Prefer in a game(multiple choice)
    93% start small-ish and then get fatter
    35% back and forth
    10% no gain, just THICC character
    2% other (none of the above)
    *151 voters - 214 votes

  12. Conclusion
    53% Both is good.
    31% Certified realistic enjoyer
    16% The sky is the limit figuratively and literally
    *153 voters

Edits: wrong numbers


Hw dar u naht shpeak :eagle: :us: 'Murica :us: :eagle:, boh?

(I liked this set of polls for multiple reasons, but the main one was the speed of weight gain, because it made me realize in some part how I was in a minority in the community, and even though some questions were retreads of ones I’ve seen before I think there were a lot of ones that were unique to this poll, which is always the draw for me.)

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:brazil: Brazil :brazil: número uno!!1 :man_running:

Don’t know if it’s just me, but I really feel like have I worded things differently, accounted for time skips and especially let people choose multiple options, it would paint a different picture. Right now it’s sort of a “pick your favorite”, so something there was bound to fall behind, I think. But I’m just guessing at this point, can’t be sure without making another poll

(Looking forward to the next entry to the polls for the soul series! I struggle a bit voting in the ones about real life but still very interesting!
Now that I learned how to make small text I’m tempted to use it everywhere plz help)

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Huh. It appears that I did miss a poll when searching for them.

If, after voting, you happen to find that my poll is too shallow (understandably so, stuff like “60% both, 20% this, 20% that” has it’s merits but it is not that surprising), I may have just found the thing for you. That is, if you didn’t know it existed already.

Bunch of questions to show what everyone is generally into

This poll was created in the end of 2020 and it has A LOT of options, AND almost all the polls are multiple choice. I’m talking choosing up to 20 options.

It is not exactly about how realistic or unrealistic people like their video games but I wish I had found this before making my poll, so that I could focus more on uncovering other things, preferably the ones that have not been tackled before. There’s a poll here comically similar to one there. Question and answers. And these polls are very interesting too.

I also wanted to place a link in the first post (*where the polls are. I don’t know if it’s called “first post”) but I don’t know if editing it would mess with the votes. Oh well