Untitled Burger Child Game (With DarkMasterN)

At first this game was just an idea but lately we have been talking a lot about this game and we have decided it’s ready for development an actual WG Horror game of one of DarkMasterN’s greatest artwork burger child this game will have so much replayability and we will be taking inspiring ideas from other games such as resident evil , silent hill a few WG games here on weight gaming and etc this will also be an open world game but during the story you will be limited during certain times but you will have so much to do this whole game take place in a small town but the main core of the game takes place in a strange restaurant inside that strange small town but after you finish the game you can still explore to your hearts content and the game won’t forget that you finished the game you’ll get new findings mysteries hints tied to more stories and etc also yes there will be soooo much collectibles of all different kinds but we can’t talk about the collectibles yet since that we just started also if you didn’t know before I am very experienced in the horror genre I can create the most terrifying games similar to how scary amnesia and Outlast is so in this upcoming game I’m not gonna lie you will feel scared and at unease at times and other horrified feelings so today I am about to work on the first ever development of this upcoming game plus something else you should know when we release this game for pre development 1 just because we haven’t been able to get actually art together just yet there will be a lot of placeholder images and basic sprites until we put actual art together we will only be implementing all the art that we come up with once the game reaches pre alpha 1 I hope you are excited as we are


The main menu is done but it’s not final yet so more stuff will be added to the main menu as time goes on but anyways this is what the main menu looks like for now


Lad i believe you should probably start taking screenshots with the “stamp” button on the top right of the keyboard
Both for quality and the fact that the reflection of your face is lowkey showing
Nothing against all of that, just saying to let you know.



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you can use Windows + Shift + S to take a screen shot of part of your screen as well

I recommend ShareX for taking screenshots and gifs. extremely powerful toolset.

I know that I just felt lazy :joy: I’ll do that from now on to take screenshots

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also fyi there may or may not be visual weight gain and other visual effects yet me and DarkMasterN are still working on that visual stuff but it will be displayed in dialogue for now but keep in mind pre alpha 1 will have almost everything visual than after every update after pre alpha 1 more visuals will be added just so we are clear

this game has finally reached pre development 1 now this build is only to test it out to see if the game works fine for everybody but in the test gameplay if you can figure out which button brings you to the pause menu than leave it in the comments and i will give you a congrats do remember that this is only pre development 1 so you know how i roll in game dev and if you don’t know last time i like to let everybody to see my progress from the start to the end all the way plus it makes me less stressed this way so that being said of this being pre development 1 build do not complain that there is nothing to do yet again this is a test build in the pre development 2 and further updates way more will be added but one of the updates in pre development 2 your male character will have an actual basic sprite and etc also pre development 5 will have somewhat of a story thats all the upcoming updates i can spoil you with for now enjoy and let me know if this test build worked perfectly for you becuase this will be the only test build anyways here is the download link for the pre development 1


my antivirus detection software is going mental when i try to download it.

The Game Has No Viruses So I Don’t Know What To Tell You

Dumb question but have told it to ignore it