Untitled Furry fighting Game



My name is Kazecat and I’ve been working on a furry fighting game for the past 2 years. I was asked to share my project here and I agreed since it would be nice to bring this to an audience that may already want it. It uses the MUGEN 1.1 engine and features a lot of animation just for this project. If you would like to try it out I’ll try to share images, videos and download links below.





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The MUGEN files that I put out to the public are updated multiple times. Right now the current public version is what’s already out there. With more characters and upgrades being worked on. Currently Makuyama, my sumo panda, is in development. As well as work on the run animations that are missing for most characters.


Will it be updated later?


It will be updated constantly. I’m working on stuff now.


The current task is to add run animations for all the characters lacking them. Which is everyone except Jiggly. So far I’ve only got 2 more completed. With this being one of them.


Can you do Aroma’s animations next?


I am really impressed at what you have so far, great work! A small decorative question from me, personally: is there any plans for VA for these characters? I can fully understand if not, I am just wondering.
Oh and one more thing, but this one’s more directed towards anyone who knows if this is okay for a keyboard keybinding for a fighting game, with wasd and NumPad 4, 5, 6 being LP,HP, SP respectively, and NumPad 1, 2, 3 being LK, HK, and SK respectively


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@Kazecat I am really impressed with the animations of your characters so far. How may frames on average have you been using per move per character?


I know a friend that plays on keyboard but i test all my characters with a controller and with an arcade stick only. So I’m inexperienced with Keyboard. I would love to incorporate VA but I haven’t really looked for any. I have a friend doing the Voice for Lardo but that’s it so far.


Each characters is in the range of 200 - 300 frames.


RIP Spidey :frowning_face:


Gave it a try tonight. Kinda noob at fighting games and altogether new to MUGEN. I tried a few of the characters, but nothing clicked, and I got absolutely eviscerated by the AI. I recommend a difficulty settings menu somewhere along the development process.

I’m not really a fan of MK-esque slow combo fighters or pears, so I think I’m just going to pass. Best of luck on the project.


All the run cycles have been completed! Now I’m working on intro animations for all the characters.


Thats a shame. But I’m glad you tried it out. Doing AI is already difficult so the fact that they are a challenge already felt good. I’ll inhibit them on earlier difficulties in the future.


Looks neat! May try it some time! :slight_smile:


Oh please do we put a lot of effort into this. And its getting an update at the end of this month.


Nice! I like skunks, they’re my favorite animal, so I’ll play as Aroma first.


Have fun when you do.


I noticed this thread has the vore tag, what vore do the characters do and how do you do them?